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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Here's the latest quilt for baby Adrianna - inspired by the New Wave Pattern from Oh, Frannson . It was really fun to make, except for all the sessions with the seam ripper. Heavens if I know why sometimes the blocks lined up straight and sometimes they. did. not.  Daggone it! I yelled at my fabric, my machine, and even the seam ripper, but I didn't help. (*&)*(#@).. my quilt did not come out in the same dimensions as the pattern despite my  religious adherence to the instructions. I did have a glass of wine and even a more hearty cocktail at times, but I really really really was following those measurements. When I was cutting out the shapes for the front, I cut out a few of each color to piece together on the back. Loooooving the way it came out!

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