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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Well, hello stranger! It's been so long and I sure have missed visiting! Know what else I miss? My sewing machine ********. No, that wasn't an edited cuss word, I've realized my poor machine doesn't have a name - how did that happen?

Since she is being held up for the 2nd full week now by the kind folks at customs, I've had some time to think about her. As a good caretaker, I've consulted the wide world of internet baby naming sites. Tho my girl isn't a baby anymore, there are no sites for naming full-grown sewing/embroidery machines. She is a Husqvarna Designer I, so naturally my first stop was the "D" section. Just for kicks, I clicked on the German name section and came up with: Dale, Delaware, Didrika, Dresden and Daberath. I know what you're thinking - Dresden, right? Well, I don't know how to make those and I don't want a constant reminder of that.. next! In the "H" section, I came upon Hachila (a biblical name so I can't make fun of it,) Hannele (grace - which my machine isn't - she's always sewing crooked)  and Hena (troubling). Although she has been told off on a few occasions, I don't want to jinx her with a name like Hena. Wait a minute.. Heidi is German AND American! Kismet? You tell me!

I'm in such sewing withdrawal, that when I saw a woman walking around the corner from my hotel the other morning with a sewing machine in one hand and a tote bag in the other (OBVIOUSLY on her way to quilting class) I turned back and followed her ...making my family a wee bit late for church. Curse my nonexistent German! I was scared to really run after her and demand to know where she was going! There's motivation to sign up for language class..

This week I googled and came upon just 1 quilt shop in town. I dragged my family to the tram and hustled on over to the address. As we proudly approached the building, congratulating one another for our awesome map-reading, public transportation skills, we suddenly realized there was no shop sign. Know why? She's online only  damnit! At least she was able to direct us to a shop south of town.  It took me a full week to convince my family to accompany me to that shop ... I'll share that story next time because I don't want to distract you from sharing your machine name with me and helping me name mine!

Till next time..

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