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Monday, July 13, 2015

Finish Along Q3

This year is just zipping along, isn't it?

I've rethought my list of finishes and have some small trips planned in the next few months, but hopefully can get these things completed:

1. Birthday Quilt for my son. I started with this idea and made one column, but I'm not in love with it.

I'm thinking of shelving this for now and using this long-treasured set of charm packs to make Scattered - a pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew.

2. Ballerina drawstring bag
I've used this pattern from Tartan Kiwi and am still trying to figure out how to incorporate it into a drawstring backpack without distorting the design. I'd also like an exterior zippered pocket someplace.

3. Placemats - still need 2 for kitchen table!
4. Paper airplane pouches (a few of these have been requested by friends.)
5. Dusseldorf pouches (making a few for a craft fair)
5. Finish bee quilt
Wish me luck ;)
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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Finish Along Quarter 2 results

..or lack thereof.

I've been sewing things, but haven't knocked many things off my list this quarter. Guess my list wasn't very well thought out or realistic - whoops!

I finished only 2 of 11 items.

1. Ninja pillow - no progress except that I've lost the fabric someplace in here.
2. Picnic Quilt using Crabtastic - no progress
3. Succulents Wall Hanging - nada
4. Granny's Quilt - no progress.
5. Mod placemats for new kitchen table - no progress.
6. Improv table runner - no progress
7. Shopping totes - nope
8. Finish up bee quilt - I did finish this top, but it's not quilted yet. Half credit? 
9. Ballet bag - no progress except for printing the pattern. 
10. Confetti Stars - Finished!! 
11. 1 hour basket - Finished x 4! 

Moving on to a more productive Q3 and linking up my couple of finishes to the party


Friday, July 3, 2015

One hour (or so) baskets

After my practice/gift basket a week or so ago, I felt ready to tackle 3 more "1 hour baskets"assembly-line style as thank you gifts for my daughter's preschool/kindergarten teachers. These will be the last handmade teacher gifts for awhile because apparently in German public schools, holiday gifts are given as a class and not individually and end-of-year gifts are not given. phooey!

Honestly, while I was frantically stitching away late last night, I did wonder about my tendency to pressure myself  with making a handmade gift just because I can make something. When I finished, my already sore back and neck were throbbing in protest. According to my math, I calculated that I could make 3 simultaneous baskets in an hour since I had taken the 3 previous days to get everything ready. Nope... took me like 3 hours.

Kaufman Quilter's Linen in Charcoal w/ Juggling Summer

Kaufman Quilter's Linen in Raffia w/ Simply Style

Quilter's Linen in Silver w/ Simply Color/Simply Style
 If I'm really honest (which I will be for a moment,) I don't think the teachers fully realized the value of these handmade gifts. How do I know? Not one of them sobbed at the beauty and perfect marriage of these fabrics - hmph!  Generally speaking, I know people here are not the most emotive (unless you do something wrong in traffic- then you'll be told off immediately,) but dang! Can I get a hearty "Thank you!?" Can't you see that I've shared my precious stash of Quilter's Linen with you? Can't you appreciate how beautiful it looks with Simply Style, Simply Color and Juggling Summer? Don't you know how long I've been holding onto these and looking for the perfect project? Can't you give me one tear or at least a joyful moan? Just kidding..sorta. I am grateful that they've loved, taught and nurtured my daughter for the last 2 years, which is why I haven't gone and snatched them back.
In the lining seam, I put my new label from Ikaprint. I'll take some pics and share for next time! 

My daughter loved stuffing the baskets with flowers, hand cream, tea, pencils, chocolate and a little Prosecco! 

Proud little Wildchild and Kindergarten graduate
FAL Q2 goal list

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