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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Selfish Sewing Week

Did you get to participate this week?
I was so busy I thought I wouldn't get a chance to join in the fun. I did decide to practice a quilting skill in an effort to partipate. I must say, I got pretty good at flying geese as I worked on my September Doll Quilt Swap. See?
No more chopped off heads!
 All credit to Lynn & her Precision Piecing class! I'll show you the rest after my partner gets her package.

Today I decided to finally take the plunge and attempt the Noodlehead Sidekick Tote. I don't have much experience with patterns, so I muddled my way through a little bit, but it's finished! It was so hard to settle on fabrics that I had to promise myself I'd make another one (or 2) and use some of my faves. This one has a little Cape Ann and floral and natural canvas scraps- I didn't want to waste anything precious if I jacked it up on the first try ;). All in all, I like it a lot.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Superstar - a quick finish!

This was kind of a quickie! Since school started a couple of weeks ago, I've been on a mission to get myself organized. I need to get some scheduled sewing time in as well learning a new language (having your eyebrows completely shaved off is only funny AFTER a few weeks) and spending hang out time with new friends here. I'm so tempted to ignore everything and just sew sew sew while the house is quiet!!

This is for a baby expected in October and look here - I'm early! I've had this Alexander Henry print called Flea Market Friends (I think) for quite awhile. It was purchased on one of those Joann's trips where you're just going to get some batting and accidentally wander into the fabric aisle. I just love the soft colors and how they paired with a few of these DS fat quarters (also from Joann's) and the last of my Kona Ash as the background. I need to get a better pic when it comes out of the dryer, but I quilted around the center star & then echoed.

Also, it's almost Patchwork in the Peaks time! One of the classes that I'm most excited about is the Aeroplane Bag. I'm having SUCH a hard time narrowing down my fabric choices!
Maybe I just like the pretty Kokka cacti that look like they're wearing sombreros (I'm from AZ!)

Nancy Wolff Penguins and some text

Lucy's Crab Shack & Reunion
 decisions decisions .. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

F-R-I-E-N-D-S Swap!

Hola! Summer is finally over ~ school is in and I can do some catching up! Besides the lovely trip to London in July, we took a few days and explored Paris with my daughter who has been talking about Paris for the last year. I have no idea how she even knows about it, but it was great fun to watch her face as we approached the Eiffel Tower. Her fave thing of course, were the crepes! 

I participated in the Friends Swap and was fortunate to be paired with Sabine who is also here in Germany. She is a mixed media specialist and was super creative, thoughtful and generous with her gifts. 

Red coffee quilt
 I had trouble capturing the level of detail in this quilt. It is made of several layers of fabric and each detail is the stack cut to that layer. Make sense? No? So the red heart on the coffee mug is cut down to the layer of fabric that has the red print. It almost looks like raw edge applique, but it's like reverse-lique. (reserve applique, right?) Ya'll have probably seen this a million times, but it's a first for me lol! The coffee in the cup is a cool brown tulle like fabric.

Indigo fabric - hand dyed in Budapest
"Endless summer Rose Girl" painting with multi layers and textures
"Nadelkissen" which is German for pincushion 
adorable, right?!

hand blown glass Decorations for our German Christmas tree

Sweets for me and the kiddos and locally roasted coffee - yum!!
I can't wait to receive word that she has received my package, but it definitely doesn't stack up to what she has sent!
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