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Monday, March 7, 2016


Actually I'm talking about me! After 3 years of participation in the Finish-Along,

I was randomly chosen by Adrianne in the 4th Quarter for my son's Christmas/birthday quilt!

My prize? 
3 Patterns of my choice from Sew Sweetness!  
It was fun browsing through her shop and in the end I chose these 3 great bags. 
Sew Sweetness Tudor Bag
Sew Sweetness Hyacinth Bag
Sew Sweetness Camp Stitchalot Bag
Clearly, I need to put them on my Finish Along list for the year, right? Thank you again Sara and Adrianne!


Friday, March 4, 2016

Quilter's Planner Cover

I recently had an opportunity to have a girls' sewing weekend with my friend Ms. E who came all the way from Geneva to hang out with me. As usual, there was lots of chatting and snacking with a little shopping & sewing thrown in. We decided our joint venture would be working on our Quilter's Planner covers.

We studied the over 300 pictures at #quiltersplanner on IG and got loads of inspiration and a couple of tips before getting started:
1. A pretty lace bra strap would make a good elastic closure
2. Since the cover fits quite snugly, one might benefit from adding 1/4" to the final size.

After lots of deliberation, I decided that Noteworthy would make a great choice for the main fabric. It's full of doodles, goals and bucket lists - perfect! For the front, I also decided to try a Butterfly Charm Block from Lillyella. I've been searching for a project for these cute butterflies.

Finished product!
For the back cover, I pieced in my label and here you can see the silky elastic strap. I don't know who makes their own bras, but I'm glad to have found this - and in a variety of pretty colors!

 Here you can see the leather bookmark.
 For the inside, we just went with simple slip pockets on the front and back.

Once my cover was complete, I realized that my Ipad would fit in the zipper pocket. The only problem was that I couldn't get it in through the zipper. Since I carry it all the time, I decided it was worth it to alter the zipper tabs a little bit in order to make it work.
And here's Ms. E's gorgeous creation
 A sweet Liberty fox and a spool of Aurifil naturally!
We're proud to have added our covers to the (now) more than 400 #quiltersplanner posts! And here's a peek at my pattern in the Nov pages of the planner - so excited! All of the weekly blocks can be found here. thank you again to Stephanie for the opportunity to be published and for a great tool.
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