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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Catching up as usual

Geez! I don't know where I've been, but I feel like I've been sewing a-lot with nothing to show for it!
It's too bad there are no stats for how much time a person spends on Pinterest planning their next quilt, cause I have a feeling it would answer some questions.

Anyway, I had a finish a bit ago that I forgot to share. On my Q3 Finish Along list there is an apron. My genius girlfriend/soon-to-be-mommy then (and new mommy now - yay!) came up with a plan for us and we set off. We both chose fabrics from my stash and I'm puzzled as to how she came up with such a classy look and mine looks like a crayon box.  

When we finished, we had the bright idea to let my husband snap our pic. Normally he takes a LONG time to get the perfect shot and we all end up annoyed and trying hard to smile so we gave him a good warning. His revenge? He quickly clicked 5 times and walked away. I guess I could be angry that he cut our heads off on most of the pictures, but I didn't actually comb my hair that day, so maybe he did us a favor. 

Luckily Beans came to the rescue a few days later and was happy to do some backyard modeling. I may have to recreate this sucker in her size cause she really loves it! 
I used two different main prints per side and did pockets in a bright fuchsia and the belt was the same for both sides.

Marking this one off my list! 

Also got my September and October blocks finished for the Supernova Swap! I just need to make 2 more for myself to get a total of 12 blocks and I can put it together. I'm so excited!

I also knocked out September Stash Bee blocks for Samantha today. She asked for flying geese in this dark red, gold, olive palette in any shape. So quick & fun,

Catch ya later
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