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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas catching up as usual

Hello there! Thank goodness for IG because it kind of makes you feel like you haven't been SO far away from the bloggy world. When I logged into Bloglovin' today and had 1,017 posts to read I felt a little differently though.

I had a couple of finishes recently and then my bestie flew out to visit and we had a whirlwind tour of Germany and Paris. We actually saw so many sights in Paris between Monday afternoon and Wednesday evening, we were giggling as we checked into place after place on facebook. My feet were feeling it though, among other body parts.

Anyhow, one recent finish was the IG Mini I've been working on. It was fun practicing my paper piecing. I don't know what I was afraid of - thanks again Karen!!! It wasn't too complicated, but it was fun putting those solids together.

Call me crazy, but those triangles remind me of a cocktail, so I've called this one, "Let's Get Tropical" and the recipient can take it any way she likes! Not that I have cocktail pics made especially by me on my phone, but see what I mean? Sort of? Yes? Humor me.

It's Christmas Market time here in Germany, so my extra was a gift from the Weinachtmart. Santa is happily towing his gifts and "smoking away." So fun! 
I also believe that's another one crossed off my FAL list! 

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