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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

WIP Birch trees

I'm working on a few class samples for later this year and here's what I've come up with so far...

I'm telling myself I'm stopping because I need some good light to take pictures

but really I don't have a good idea of where this is going, so I'll enjoy it as it is and move on to the next sample!

Also, I've only heard back from one winner of the SMS giveaway, so I'll be redrawing this Friday if I haven't heard from winner #2 by then!!

Linking right on up to Freshly Pieced & Sew Fresh Quilts &WOW


Monday, May 11, 2015

Winner Time!

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway as part of the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day! I was so excited to have received over 300 entries and I'm excited by the new connections I've gained on IG and here!

Without further fanfare, the winners are:

Congratulations to both of you - sending emails now and I hope you enjoy your Liberty!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

WIP Confetti Rainbow Stars

Hello again! I'm all bloggin 2 days-in-a-row like a regular!

If you're looking for the SMS Giveaway, step right this way!

I've recently been exposed to paper piecing - thanks to the lovely and patient Karen. I don't want to say I've gotten "addicted," because that would imply that I'm good at it. Let's just say I've become "attracted" to printing out cool PP patterns that I see and cutting at them and stacking them on my window sill. (FYI there are a TON of freebies on Craftsy.)

Anyway, I came across this free pattern called Confetti Star, and decided to use some of my rather large pile of charm squares.

I intended to just see where inspiration takes me - which has meant a lot of time just staring at it.
Clearly, there was a problem. I wanted to keep the color wheel arrangement, but the orange & green didn't go well together. Luckily for me, I got a little treat in the mail yesterday!
After a good look through this gem, I spotted a quilt called "Squareburst" (which can also be seen on the Amazon sneak peek page.) Sidebar - how the HECK do you copy a pattern that doesn't actually fit on your printer??? I was struggling with that nonsense for way too long lol . 

Anyway, here's what I came up with. 
Squareburst Color Wheel
 and it fit right in!
Confetti Stars Improv Rainbow

now to stare some more and figure out the rest.. Linking up to WIP Weds @ Freshly Pieced. & Sew Fresh Quilts & WOW

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

SMS Giveaway Day 2015

Welcome friends! I am happy to welcome you to my blog and the first SMS Giveaway day for this year! I hemmed and hawed and ultimately decided to join in and hopefully jump start my blogging habit!

As a little intro, I am an American currently living with a pilot hubby and the 2 younger of our 4 kiddos in beautiful Germany.  Here's a little something I've been working on for the past couple of days..

Mochawildchild improv paper pieced star throw rainbow
an improv, rainbow, paper pieced star throw lol. Descriptive enough for ya?

On to the giveaway! Up for grabs I have 2 cute little Liberty of London themed gifts.

There will be 2 winners! The prize consists of a tiny Hello Kitty Liberty of London themed tin (2.25" x 3.5") and a set of 20 assorted 4" Liberty charms! I've been collecting these during my time here in in Germany and they will be hard to part with! 

Set 1 Hello Kitty in London & Liberty Charms
Set 2 Hello Kitty in London & Liberty Charms

The back of each tin - closeup
 How to enter: Just leave me a comment - any comment! Followers of my blog (or IG: mochawildchild) can have a 2nd entry/comment. That's it! I am happy to ship internationally and the deadline for entries is Sunday - 2 random winners will be chosen Monday.

Happy entering!

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