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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

walking backwards

Hey stranger!

Boy, I've caught a lot of blog posts recently by people expressing their difficulty in finding time to write. It's so easy to post to instagram and move on! I've been sewing a bit & traveling a bit & planning projects these last few months and haven't made myself sit here and catch up - and the longer you wait, the harder it is!

I think I'm addicted to paper piecing .. at least to searching for beginner patterns and printing them. I have quite a stack going and it's hard to narrow down what to work on next!

Last night I found this free pattern called Confetti Star. I think it will be fun to work on it as I have time and build it into something rainbowy. I pulled out 3 baskets worth of scraps and realized that I am keeping way too many!

Realistically, I will never work with tiny pieces so I started throwing them out and what a great feeling!

Now I just need my son to come and empty my can so I won't be tempted to dig anything (else) out and keep it.

Anyway, back to paper piecing: I found a really cool (and also free) pattern called Graceful Dancer a couple of weeks ago and had it in mind to turn it into something for my daughter.

Happily, it worked out well as a front panel for the messenger bag I needed to make as part of my Finish Along 2015 goals! As I was multi-tasking and actually testing a pattern for the famous Katy of The Littlest Thistle, I can't show the whole thing yet, but it has already made it's first journey and received lots of compliments! Here's a little sneak peek. & the pattern will be released in early April.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Preppy Finish

A few days ago, I finished this tiny quilt for my friend. She is expecting her first baby this month and we're super excited. I knew there was a large quilt in the works for her, so I decided to go for a stroller-sized one.
It is 30" square and what's better than Kona Ash for an ocean color? I also used a little Simply Color for the whale. It's quilted in 'wavish' lines with a little hand quilting for his spouting.
The pattern is called Preppy the Whale and is from Oh, Frannson! There are a surprisingly lot of pieces to cut out, but it goes together quickly (if you're paying attention and not also drinking wine & watching Project Runway.)
I added a little loop on the back for hanging. Hopefully that will come in handy!
I think she likes it and I can't wait to see baby Logan snuggled in his stroller with Preppy!


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Finish Along 2015 - Quarter 1

I didn't get a whole lot finished last year, but it was fun tracking all the ongoing projects. I'm excited to get my list together for the new year - though I have spent the last few hours unsuccessfully trying to move my pretty list from OneNote into blogger.

  1. Noodlehead Basket - Still cut out and I even have the perfect spot for it - just need to get sewing. 
  2. Stroller Quilt - Tiny quilt for a soon-to-be tiny person. Needs to be quilted.
  3. Birthday Quilt - This is for a special family member with a big birthday coming up. Pattern is chosen and will hopefully go together quickly!
  4. Wonky Pinwheels - from Stash Bee 2014.  Needs to be quilted and snuggled. It's for my house, so will try not to push it too far down the list!
  5. Messenger Bag for Beans - My daughter has requested a "pretty purse" to go with her 20 other bags, but I haven't made a messenger bag, so she's a good guinea pig.
  6. Ballerina Pillow Cover 
  7. Ninja pillow cover - This will go with the ninja quilt I made for my son last year

This sort of seems long, but I think it could be manageable! Wish me luck!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

IG Mini Received

Just the other day I received the coolest mini quilt from Ellyn (Ellynz on IG.)  I had admired pictures of "Every Which Way"on Instagram, but never dreamed it was made just for me! It was a great surprise and it's even nicer in person.

Hanging proudly in the entry

The label - isn't that cool?

The extras included a reindeer towel with crocheted edging and some TX bluebonnet seeds

I've since had a chance to check out Ellyn's blog and gallery - check them out! She has some great inspiration projects in her gallery and some good tutorials - including the one for the 2-toned binding she did on my mini. It looks like flange, but it's not!

Thank you again, Ellyn!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Squeaking in 1 last project - Updated photos!

Hallo friends! It's LATE as usual. But I've managed to get 1 more thing finished before the Q4 FAL deadline - whew! I'm really excited not to have to "roll" this one over to next year.
In my previous (non-European) life, I had a sweet neighbor who was a tremendous help in my attempts to learn knitting. She was always available to pull out all my wrong stitches when I'd go visit her with a problem. She was quick-witted enough to not become so distracted by my small talk that she'd redo any section and tough enough not to bend to my begging for her to just "finish my stupid scarf." It is because of Mrs. B that I am 4 inches of my own knitting into a scarf that was started in 2012 and may never be finished. Gotta respect her.
I wanted to make her a bag for her own stitchy projects, and it's been on my to-do list for quite awhile. Mrs. B adores her kitties, so I decided to use the Catvent pattern from Oh, Frannson!

 My cool kid thinks she belongs in every picture taken around here.

I started with a large catvent quilted front pocket with binding, and built the bag from there. The back features a paper-pieced letter "b" and straightline quilting. The fabric is a random assortment of modern charms, Kona ash, and the handles and lining are from a line called Silent Cinema. It has closure ties and finishes about 17" tall by 15" wide. I used light batting and a very light layer of interfacing so it would have a little structure, but I think next time I'll go a little heavier with it.

 I hope Mrs. B and her kitties like it! I should totally send her my lil' scrap of a scarf and see if she can be guilted into finishing it now ;)


Sunday, January 4, 2015

FAL Catch up

Hello friends! It's been a busy few weeks and I, for one, am so glad the holidays are over! Every year I vow to keep things simple and end up busier and busier.

A few nights ago, I finished up my game room/family room cushions. These are in the basement and I've used so much white, I almost don't want to go down and look at what the kids have/will do to them.

I used 26" feather pillow forms from Ikea for both.
The first pillow was made using Kelby Sews - Love Letters pattern. I just love how the colors tie in with the pictures on the wall. I also learned to extend a zipper as I didn't have one long enough.

The 2nd pillow was made from a block I made at Peaks this year. I had originally sashed this block in white and wasn't sure what it would become. The pattern is Karen's Autumn Leaves.

 I decided to change the sashing to the same Kona coal used in the leaves and then finish it in white.

The backing for both cushions is a canvas print from Ikea called Tidny. 

 This brings my Q4 finishes to a whopping 3 lol.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas catching up as usual

Hello there! Thank goodness for IG because it kind of makes you feel like you haven't been SO far away from the bloggy world. When I logged into Bloglovin' today and had 1,017 posts to read I felt a little differently though.

I had a couple of finishes recently and then my bestie flew out to visit and we had a whirlwind tour of Germany and Paris. We actually saw so many sights in Paris between Monday afternoon and Wednesday evening, we were giggling as we checked into place after place on facebook. My feet were feeling it though, among other body parts.

Anyhow, one recent finish was the IG Mini I've been working on. It was fun practicing my paper piecing. I don't know what I was afraid of - thanks again Karen!!! It wasn't too complicated, but it was fun putting those solids together.

Call me crazy, but those triangles remind me of a cocktail, so I've called this one, "Let's Get Tropical" and the recipient can take it any way she likes! Not that I have cocktail pics made especially by me on my phone, but see what I mean? Sort of? Yes? Humor me.

It's Christmas Market time here in Germany, so my extra was a gift from the Weinachtmart. Santa is happily towing his gifts and "smoking away." So fun! 
I also believe that's another one crossed off my FAL list! 

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