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Monday, October 20, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

Hello friends! A couple of weeks ago, I was tagged by Paula from Mud, Pies and Pins in the Around the world blog hop, so welcome to Dusseldorf and to my blog!
April 2014

HST Auction Mini 

Spring themed DQM quilt

I met Paula last April at Patchwork in the Peaks and was so impressed by her talent! She makes incredible paper pieced designs and is a very creative and accomplished quilter!

1. What quilting/sewing thing am I working on? 

I've been part of a few bees this year, including Stash Bee for the first time, 5 months in the do.Good.Stitches Charity bee, and 2 rounds of the 4 x 5 Modern Quilting Bee. I've also done a whole bunch of swaps including the recurring Doll Quilters Monthly Swap and the upcoming IGMini Swap.

I am currently working on a whole list of things! I've participated in all 4 quarters of the Finish Along with Katy this year and it's helped me at least to know what I'd like to do next.

I had my first finish for Quarter 4 this weekend and I'm just waiting on some good daylight to get a great picture. I believe it's been on my list all year so it'll be nice to mark this one off!
I have finally started my Noodlehead divided basket. It's all cut out and ready to sew! 

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

Dec 2011 Wonky 9 patch
I'm not sure my work "differs" from others. In these wonderful days of Pinterest, it is nice to take inspiration from everyone and then see where creativity leads!
"Scrapplique" baby quilt 2012

3. How does my writing/creating process work?
Besides constant blog reading and Pinterest surfing for inspiration, I have a boatload of quilting books to consult. I then bust out the graph paper, colored pencils and ruler and draw my design. Even when I'm following a pattern, I like to draw out the design to get a feel for what's involved, any changes I'd like to make and color placement. It's fun going back through my notebook for inspiration too!
Idea for IGMini Swap Quilt
Graduation gift quilt 2012

Thank you for visiting! I'll hope you'll stop by again soon.

I'm passing the baton to two lovely ladies met at Patchwork in the Peaks last October. Elita from Busy Needle Quilting is the sunshiney host of Peaks and in addition, this busy lady has an online quilting supply shop and is a long arm quilter. She's one active chick!

LynnePusscat from Confessions of a Quilting Junkie is an amazing quilter with a real eye for color and design. I always covet her fabric selections and she's so dang sweet! You'll enjoy her blog.

a little sneak of  an upcoming share

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Friday Night Sew-In

Have you heard of FNSI? Every 3rd Friday, Sugarlane Quilts hosts a linky party for people to sign up and then everyone posts on Saturday what they worked on Friday.  I thought it would be a fun and no-pressure motivation to work on binding my Garden Party.

With the company of Walter White, I got some binding done on Friday and then spent a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in the park with the kids plugging away. I really hate hand binding!! It takes me FOREVER!! I know I need to practice, but I don't have a rhythm so I have to check every single stitch to make sure the needle hasn't gone through to the front. What a pain!

half done but getting close!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Q4 - the 2014 Final List!

Hello again!

I'm pushing up against the deadline for posting my 4th quarter list! I've been so inspired by everyone's accomplishments this year and it's definitely fueled my motivation to  work on my own projects.

1. Finish Garden Party quilt
This one just needs the quilting finished and binding - finally!

2. Downstairs family room cushions
Given the amount of time they will spend on the floor, this will be a simple pattern for extra large cushions.

3. Supernova Friendship Quilt
My partner and I have completed our blocks and I'm anxious to see this one come together.

4. Wonky Pinwheel Quilt
This Stash Bee quilt is just waiting to be quilted and snuggled with on the couch.

5. I'm participated in the IG Mini Quilt Swap hosted by Curly Boy and the deadline is looming!
I figured out my palette and pattern and have been experimenting with my block idea. Just need to shrink it down and get it done.

6. Field of Iris quilt
I have been toying with patterns for this bundle for a very long time! I'd love to get this one finished this quarter. I'm thinking of this by Quilt Dad or a big plus pattern. I also love this one.

7. Catvent Knitting Bag
This will be a scrappy Christmas gift for a special friend.

8. Noodlehead Divided basket

I'm tired of listing this one, but I won't be defeated! Also, must stop using the interfacing for other projects and get it done!

wish me luck?

3rd Quarter FAL results

Hi friends!

I tried to make a more manageable to-do list in Q3 and I enjoyed a few more finishes as a result! I'm sooo tempted to go crazy in Q4..
1. Finish flying geese improv quilt

 Status: finished!

2. Make 2 more pillows for family room couch

 Status: finished!

3.  Finish Garden Party quilt

 Status: Bordered added,back finished and quilting started

4. Downstairs sofa cushions

 Status: not started

5. Apron

 Status: finished!

6. Noodlehead divided basket

 Status: scared to start

7. Supernova friendship quilt
 Status: All blocks finished, time to put it together!

Next up: Q4!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Wonky Pinwheels ~ a Stash Bee finish

Hi friends! I'm writing from sunny Switzerland in the beautiful Alps! I'm fresh from a weekend at the 6th biannual quilting retreat Patchwork in the Peaks. What a great time! I'll share more about that later ;).
I'm writing this post using the Blogsy app for iPad and it has eaten the whole thing twice - grr.

I'm participating in Stash Bee for the first time this year and July was my month to choose a block.
I chose a block called Wonky Pinwheels and provided some notes, but didn't realize until much later that I sewed it together wrong. Oops! It wouldn't have been so bad, but most of my bee mates dutifully followed my wrong lead and did the same thing lol. The first column goes at the far right, so I just moved that column over as bee blocks arrived - no biggie. The blocks finish at 16".
Just before last weekend, I had a chance to put my blocks together, and I'm excited about the top! I think I'll need a border or 2 to get it up to a good family room throw size and I'm contemplating quilting designs.
With the columns fixed, the blocks fit together the right way. My bee mates used green, navy, grey and gold shades on a grey or white background. I must confess: I'm not the biggest fan of scrappy, but this one is looking great.

Ciao for now - family is forcing me to hike- noooooooooo

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Catching up as usual

Geez! I don't know where I've been, but I feel like I've been sewing a-lot with nothing to show for it!
It's too bad there are no stats for how much time a person spends on Pinterest planning their next quilt, cause I have a feeling it would answer some questions.

Anyway, I had a finish a bit ago that I forgot to share. On my Q3 Finish Along list there is an apron. My genius girlfriend/soon-to-be-mommy then (and new mommy now - yay!) came up with a plan for us and we set off. We both chose fabrics from my stash and I'm puzzled as to how she came up with such a classy look and mine looks like a crayon box.  

When we finished, we had the bright idea to let my husband snap our pic. Normally he takes a LONG time to get the perfect shot and we all end up annoyed and trying hard to smile so we gave him a good warning. His revenge? He quickly clicked 5 times and walked away. I guess I could be angry that he cut our heads off on most of the pictures, but I didn't actually comb my hair that day, so maybe he did us a favor. 

Luckily Beans came to the rescue a few days later and was happy to do some backyard modeling. I may have to recreate this sucker in her size cause she really loves it! 
I used two different main prints per side and did pockets in a bright fuchsia and the belt was the same for both sides.

Marking this one off my list! 

Also got my September and October blocks finished for the Supernova Swap! I just need to make 2 more for myself to get a total of 12 blocks and I can put it together. I'm so excited!

I also knocked out September Stash Bee blocks for Samantha today. She asked for flying geese in this dark red, gold, olive palette in any shape. So quick & fun,

Catch ya later

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Family Room Finish

I'm attempting my first Blogsy for iPad post. Hope it works!
I had a semi-productive weekend and got my pillows finished! I used more Kona solids from my original bundle. I worry that it's kind of monochrome/boring, but my Stash Bee quilt will liven things up when it's finished!
All 4 pillows

The Living Room
Photo Bomber Baby
Looks pretty good and I am chipping away at my Q3 list. Figuring how to link up to:

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