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Saturday, April 12, 2014


Hello there! I had a little disaster on Thursday and my cell phone was taken from a shop's fitting room! There were more than 400 pictures in there ~ darnit! I'm still learning about iCloud and how it works so I was pleasantly surprised to find some of the pictures from my phone in there, but definitely not all of them. I'm so bummed!!  Scrounging for pics, I found a few Doll Quilters Monthly Swap & Bee photos that I haven't shared. I try to wait for my partner to receive before posting pics, but I almost always forget after a few days.
January  "Try Something New" from Vickie 

February "Love" from Nedra

"Love" from me to Nedra plus a Polish Pottery thimble

March "Think Green" Sprouts from me to Leonie

Stash Bee Feb "Stars" for Em
Off to enjoy this beautiful weather!
Stash Bee March "Improv" for Michelle

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Early Results!

For my April ALYoF (A Lovely Year of Finishes) goal, I chose the family room pillows. Check me out - it's April 1 and I completed the 2nd pillow today! I'm not yet sure if I'll consider myself finished or if the couch is begging for one more pillow. For full effect, here's the couch with its sad & flat pillows. These suckers spend a lot of time on the floor, being hurled by one sibling to/at another and as doll props.
 I was inspired by the improv projects in Quilting Modern by Jaquie Gering.

Pillow #1 - isn't that snappy?

Pillow #2 - Log cabin
Not sure how long before these beauties will be on the floor, beaten up and dirty, but I'll enjoy the view until then.

20" envelope style pillow covers
Fabric : RK Slate Rock FQ bundle
quilted in Aurifil #2615

linking up

Monday, March 31, 2014

FAL Q1, Q2 & ALYoF :)

2014 Finish Along ~ Quarter 1 results

Hello again! Whew, talk about failure! This is my first time participating in FAL and I'm astounded by how little of my list is complete. I did have many bee blocks completed and the Doll Quilt Swap monthly projects that weren't included, but dang!

1. Finish my son's Ninja quilt -  My one finish!! Yehaw!!!
2. Turn this fq bundle of Garden Party into this for a special couple ~ I had a little change of plans, but did make some progress!

Not crazy about the layout, I changed the plan and did this 
3. Family room pillows using this FQ bundle -

1 done & 1 or 2 to go! 
4. Turn these bee blocks into a finished quilt for my bed - No progress

5. Turn these "drunk love in a log cabin" bee blocks into guest room quilt - No progress

6. Finish king size DS Florence Churn Dash quilt  - No progress

7. Make the Tipsy City Quilt - No progress but new recipient

8. Finish my mini from Lu Summers' Improv class at FQR '13 - No progress

9. Quilt for Granny - No progress

 So - for Q2 let's roll everything over and have #3 - family room pillows be my April goal!

Friday, March 7, 2014

ALYoF March

Hello again! I guess it's time for my March goal! I'm making a "Thank You" throw for a very special (and short) couple so it only needs to be 60" x 60" ;).

My idea was to make large (30") blocks so I'd only need 4. I'm not feeling the love right now. I'm not sure whether to keep going or stop and go a different direction. The good news is that I've used very little of the fat quarter bundle so far. 
I came across this quilt a few days ago on the Moda Bake Shop blog and I'm tempted to go this direction

What would you do?


Friday, February 28, 2014

ALYOF - Feb finish!

Holy crap - where did this month go??? I just knew I was going to get caught up on my February sewing last week and then wham ~ I woke up with a fever and I've been trying to shake this thing ever since! There's been a lot of lying around catching up on Mad Men.  I'm just getting my voice back, which has been fun. I do think that when I talk around the house, my family should hear my poor tortured sound and instantly listen attentively and insist on serving me tea and treats, but whaddya gonna do?

Anyway, tonight I am squeaking by the finish line with my son's ninja quilt! It's 11pm so I had to go down and knock my son out of his bed for a picture. I don't think he woke up enough to mind too much. It's been quilted for a couple of weeks, but I still needed to bind it and now it's all done! Well, it's not trimmed at all, or washed, but it's all sewn up so I'm linking up!

fuzzy, furry backside

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes Feb ~ Repeat!

I must say I  got a little discouraged when I realized that my son's ninja quilt was a bit too short for his bed, so I set it aside and finished a few swap items in January instead. Mainly we visited with our older sons who were able to spend a few weeks over the Christmas holidays with us here in Germany... we even managed to take a few pics!
Hohenzollern Bridge (Love Locks Bridge) Cologne
Dusseldorf 2014
 After soliciting suggestions in my last post, I have decided to add another row of stars and press on toward my ALYoF Feb goal - the ninja quilt again!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Problems & Issues

Hi there! Where has the month gone? I can't believe February 2014 is almost here ~ I feel like I misplaced January!

Today I finally received the fabric I've been waiting on for 3 months! Problem #1 - I had to pay shipping charges again and the postman just asked me for an additional 12 bucks to release my package. Good grief! Good stuff in there though, right?
So anyway, this month I really wanted to finish my son's ninja quilt as my only goal for January's ALYoF. Here's problem #2 - I measured his bed a few times and yet..
his quilt is about 12 inches too short for his bed. I do have more fabric, but I'm not sure what to do here. I could make maybe 8 smaller stars to go across the top or something? I'm so motivated to leave it and just pretend I was leaving room for his pillow up top ;). Suggestions?

Problem #3 - I joined the Sweet Pouch Swap on IG and was paired with a really great partner. I found a cool pouch to make and my nicest scraps and I love the result. The problem occurred when I went to check my email for her address. I came across her preferences again. She likes bold & bright with no flowery pastels. Whooops!!!!! I guess I need to make this sucker again. 

I got my Stash Bee block done today too. This is a 16" block made for Alison called "Firewheel." I learned to make fast flying geese - yehaw!

With just a few days left of this month, I've got a doll quilt to complete, as well as my Japanese x & + blocks and the ALQS. Whew - better get busy!


ps - sewing "problems" are my favorite kind cause I can solve them by spending more time sewing ;)