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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Hey friends! A few weeks ago, I got a notice in the mail from customs. I didn't know what the heck it said, but when I saw the sender's name, I realized it was finally the foot pedal and power cord I'd ordered for my precious machine 2 months ago... Off I raced to the customs office, with little butterflies and a small bit of unease - not knowing if they'd speak the language or even be nice about it...

side note - most folks here are really nice when asked if they speak English. 90% of the time, they answer humbly "a little" and proceed to speak great English. That other 10% though.. good grief! Americans have such high expectations for customer service, that it's hard to react like a Christian lol. I know - I need to learn German. 

Anyway, I paid customs, headed home home and look:

I almost cried a little - it's been such a long ordeal getting this baby back to sewing. I didn't actually sit down to sew until a day or 2 later and the first thing I wanted to do was fill a bobbin.. Um, it didn't work. The power is on, the motor runs when you press the pedal and it doesn't move. None of my shouts prompted a response either - and I tried several colorful words and gestures. So, I had to do what I should probably have done 2 months ago - find an authorized dealer. On Saturday,  the kiddos and I trekked it over to a little town called Moers to drop it off. The service tech thinks that it could be as simple as a voltage issue - my machine can handle the voltage here, but it may not be able to switch over automatically/internally/ whatever. He promised to call Monday and it's Wednesday now, so I'm beginning to wonder if the issue was so simple after all.. It doesn't help that even though it was serviced just before we left the states, remember it traveled all the way here, back home and then here again - and it's heavy- so anything could've happened. Good thing I hadn't returned my friend's machine yet ;)

I came across this the other day 30 Shocking and Unexpected Google Street View Photos  - check it out!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day with Love

My sweet mama, daughter and I @ my 40th bday fiesta - Miss you mom

Best Stepmama ever and the Beans!

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