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Monday, April 29, 2013

New Beginnings

Heya friends! Guess I need to catch up! We moved into our home on the 1st, so we've been busy trying to get set up. It's so strange in this empty house given that we had a house of full of furniture back home! We only got to bring 1,000 lbs of stuff with us and surprisingly, that doesn't amount to much. I tried to bring ALL my fabric and quilting supplies though! I have an awesome space for sewing! I loved my room back in PA, but it was in the basement so it didn't have windows. Now I have the top floor of the house with windows on 3 walls! As soon as I saw the "studio" caption on the floor plan, I made plans! I'm not sure how I'll feel about being up there when summer hits, but for now it's great.
I was so eager to get all set up as I awaited our household goods shipment with (hopefully) my sewing machine cord & foot pedal. I even got a new Rowenta iron (holy cow, I love it.)

Two days after we moved in, our household goods arrived and I eagerly anticipated finding my cord and petting my fabric which has been lonely in transit for 3 long months!!

No luck!! I finally had to break down and order the cords from the US. I've been waiting for them to arrive for about 3 weeks now, sigh! Anyhow, it's been fun looking for storage solutions for angled walls. I also discovered some things that the movers put in the storage boxes instead of the Germany boxes - my large cutting mats, rulers, labels and a ton of other stuff! Darn, time for shopping ;). In the meantime, as my sewing obligations got ever later, I made a friend at church who sews. I finally broke down and asked to borrow her machine last Sunday and she said yes! So guess what I've been doing with her nifty little Janome since last Monday???
I went nuts with that machine on Monday & made 6 In Color Order BOM Dec blocks for my 3x6 Sampler Quilt Mini Bee (still owe myself 1) which were due in mid-January. Aren't solids fun?
then on Tuesday, I made the Antique Tile from FreshLemons blocks for my 4x5 Modern Quilting Bee hive which were due mid Feb (owe myself 1 of these too)
& on Wednesday, it was all about catching up with Sewn Together
January for FairlyMerry

February for Rick

April for CourtiePie
and then I moved on to some things I signed up for in the last couple of weeks BEFORE I had my borrowed machine - I know, I'm a nutbird. More to share tomorrow, my cocktail glass is empty..

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