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Monday, September 12, 2011

My variation of Strawberry Fields Forever

quilt top -front view
Thanks to Jera @ Quilting in the Rain for inspiring my latest quilt. I'm trying to work my way through all of her fabulous tutorials. Quilting in the Rain - Strawberry Fields Forever

Quilt - front view
Pieced back

Back view - close up
approved by Kennabeans
I challenged myself to do it in all black & white, and boy was it challenging! I was so tempted to add in some color somewhere! I used fat quarters and not a layer cake so it took a few shopping trips to find this many different black & white prints. As always, I found that doing random layouts isn't as easy as it seems. I really stewed for a long time about how to quilt this thing. This led to many wasted minutes/hours of surfing the web and looking at quilting layouts and getting ideas for other stuff I'd like to make. In the end, I decided on quilting in the ditch and then echoing that line on both sides. The thread is a Sulky variegated in black/white/grey.The grid lines came out pretty doggone cool.  All in all I'm pleased with the project, but I really need to find a way to make decisions more quickly cause that was easily the most time consuming part of the process. 


  1. your quilt turned out gorgeous. i have the same problem as you with choosing quilting. it can make such a difference
    i just love this pattern and i think its wonderful you did it in b & w.

  2. Hello! I just love the all black and white look. It's magnificent! I need to try this color scheme, too. Don't sweat it about all the time spent thinking. The creative process is what made your quilt so wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a super day!

    Jennifer Schifano Eutsler

  3. Bella questa trapunta!
    Ciao dall'Italia

  4. Love the black and white and adore the back! :P

  5. It came out very nice- I wish I understood your sewing words, but it sound impressive to me!


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