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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Catching Up

I just completed my first disappearing 9 patch and I must say - I'm hooked! I spent about 10 hours looking at pics and studying the method. I've made 2 so far - got the 9 patches done, came up with a layout, and both times managed to misplace/miss-sew/screw up one block - oops! That's why the pics will not be close-ups heh  heh.

Quilt for Adrianna - front

Back view - 2 flannels

Also, in order to comfort myself after being mistreated by some naughty 4th graders I was substitute teaching, I stopped by Marshall's (Mecca) on the way home. I found this awesomely huge store basket on clearance - whoop whoop! It looks like it was made to hold fabric, see?  

It's burlap with fabric wrapped handles

...and applique flowers
Now if I could only stuff all this junk in it, I'd be in business.

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  1. I love your disappearing 9-patch. It is really colourful and full of joy. It is on my ever growing list. Robin


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