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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hi friends! Are you in gear getting your Christmas projects all done? I'm just starting - yikes! BUT I had an idea.. a genius idea... a genius idea that I'm going to share with you.

I'm making twin quilts for my 2 oldest sons. Considering the date, I know there's no way I'll be finished in time for Christmas. So.. they're getting their quilt tops for Christmas and after they're unwrapped and admired on Christmas morning, I will promptly snatch them back and finish em up later. I wish this was the first time my children had received the promise, preview or picture of a gift, heh heh.

Anyhow, on to the purpose of this post. I've been collecting African fabrics & charms for a few years with no clear plan for them. This year, I'd like to give a special friend of mine a quilt made from these fabrics. I'm just having trouble deciding on a pattern. Originally, I had this idea in mind

but I'm not sure which background color would look best. What do you think? Yellow? Black? Tan? Cream? White? I don't know! Alternatively, I was thinking of just thinly sashing the blocks and then using wider borders to bring it up to 60" x 60" (pretend that the one block has 9 squares, not 16.) Any advice is appreciated!francine


  1. I did the African charms in a snowball quilt. I used black the corners. You don't need a pattern and it goes together really fast. I have a picture posted on my blog. Look under "My finished quilts." Robin

  2. Hey hey! I think black would make all the vibrant colors pop even more - so that is my vote! With it as the thin sashing too. She is a lucky friend!

  3. Being an African American Quilter, I would use black as a background. It brings out the colors of the african fabrics. There is a book called "Quilt Africa" by Jenny Williamson and Pat Parker that has a pattern called "Steps to Freedom" useing the traditional block "Patence Corner". I made one but have not finished it, put it is fast and easy to do. If you do not won't to buy the book see if they have it at your local library or check it out on Amazon. Good luck on the quilt what every you do, it will be beautyful.

  4. I love that chevron quilt, I agree a dark color would make the colors pop--something like Kona slate.

  5. I think maybe a mustard yello or marigold color. Nothing bright!

  6. I think a dark blue or navy would make the mustard/yellows pop - or go mad with a rich dark purple!

  7. Black sounds great but have you seen Kona oyster...I am thinking I may have to use some of that as a background soon...just a hint of grey...

  8. I think black or a deep deep brown would make those blocks pop! Have you considered setting them on point?


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