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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fat Quarterly Retreat - the classes

Well, I better jump on the bandwagon and tell you a little about my experience at FQR. I was really nervous about going for the first time and not knowing a soul but wow - this was such an amazing group, I felt right at home! Now that it's over, I also have lots of new blog friends to visit too :)

I had an opportunity to take Photography with Judith Dahmen on Friday. I even got an impromptu lesson when I interrupted her meal (sorry!) to have her help me take some pics of the mini quilts I'd made for the Sample Swap. She is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! Look:

pretty cool, right?

on Saturday, I had Improv with Lu Summers. She is an absolute mess and we had a ball. I was amazed at the quilters who finished the whole top because I barely got 2 blocks done so it's on my soon-to-do list before I forget how! I used Mod Century, but I really loved seeing everyone's choices - especially the solids!

Next up was hand quilting with Mandy Noble. She was nice enough to provide us with practice blocks to work with. I didn't take a picture cause mine was rubbish, but I did learn a lot - most importantly: burying your knots is not an urban legend, people really do it! Here she is with one of her incredible quilts
The weekend ended with precision piecing taught by Lynne. This was my favorite class - I learned a ton and now my sewing is a little bit more accurate and my flying geese no longer have chopped off heads - score!

and I don't want to forget the little spontaneous fitting lesson from Rachael. I  wish I'd stayed a bit longer to see how her model got out of all those pins.
next up - the loot!!


  1. I still can't belive how incredibly fast you sew!

  2. Phew, so glad you won't have decapitated geese any more ;o)

  3. I need to place an order- I love the triangle in blues and greens- I want one for my classroom with my name on it!

  4. I spy my swap mini! I have just made my block from Lynne's class into a cushion cover

  5. So nice to meet you, and I'm thrilled you introduced me to chain sewing (is that the right term?)!! I'm getting faster!


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