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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Finish Along Quarter 2 results

..or lack thereof.

I've been sewing things, but haven't knocked many things off my list this quarter. Guess my list wasn't very well thought out or realistic - whoops!

I finished only 2 of 11 items.

1. Ninja pillow - no progress except that I've lost the fabric someplace in here.
2. Picnic Quilt using Crabtastic - no progress
3. Succulents Wall Hanging - nada
4. Granny's Quilt - no progress.
5. Mod placemats for new kitchen table - no progress.
6. Improv table runner - no progress
7. Shopping totes - nope
8. Finish up bee quilt - I did finish this top, but it's not quilted yet. Half credit? 
9. Ballet bag - no progress except for printing the pattern. 
10. Confetti Stars - Finished!! 
11. 1 hour basket - Finished x 4! 

Moving on to a more productive Q3 and linking up my couple of finishes to the party


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  1. Well done on the finishes. I must admit I've steered clear of the finish-along myself because I just know that life gets in the way and most of my best intentions always seem to go out the window when it comes to what I'd like to do! Hope you are having a wonderful summer.


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