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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What a summer!

Well hello there! It's been a busy summer with lots of fun, relaxation and a bit of travel. Once we returned from beautiful & HOT Croatia, the last thing I wanted to do was sit at the sewing machine. Plus, the sewing room was a disaster when we left and my fairy godmother forgot to visit while I was gone. Cleaning before creating is no fun!

Rab Island, Croatia

Lim Fjord
Split, Croatia

Lake Bled, Slovenia
Well, back to reality!

Early last month I signed up for a special Blog Hop in conjunction with the New Quilt Bloggers.
Each participant was tasked with creating a new quilt block and providing a tutorial on their blog. We then send in our blocks to be made into one of three charity quilts. The theme is summer and I spent a lot of time looking for inspiration while on my trip. One cool thing that caught my eye while on the road was the cool, modern, painted windmills. This isn't what I ended up choosing as my final block, but it was tempting! 
It was tough to get a good picture with my husband at the wheel trying not to ever let our speed dip below 100. Gotta love the autobahn.  
Despite the warning, we didn't see a single polar bear squaring off with a coyote
Fave/scariest sign at the ferry crossing

The hop starts next Monday 8/31 and my turn is Sep 3. I sincerely hope to be finished fighting with EQ7 by then :). It didn't like my Windows 10 upgrade, and I've been having issues ever since. 

See ya soon! FMT


  1. Oh wow, sorry to hear about the Windows 10 upgrade bummer with EQ7. I hope you are able to get things sorted out. And it would have been very epic to see a polar bear facing off with a coyote; I suppose you'll just have to go back. ;)

  2. Looks like you've had a fab summer, but oh so disappointing that you didn't come across any bear fighting coyotes. They would have been fun to try to photograph at speed ;) Hope you get the EQ7 issues sorted. I briefly thought about upgrading my computer but then decided not to bother, for a few more months (or maybe years) 'cause I'm way too scared of breaking stuff. Looking forward to seeing your new quilt block.


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