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Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 - Year in Review

Happy New Year!

Although I don't think I made a formal announcement, I decided last January that this would the year of saying, "NO." It was a difficult decision, but I did not participate in any swaps or bees for the entire year, even though Instagram tempted me many times! In past years I have felt like I was doing a lot of sewing and not having much to show for it in my own home. It is very nice to have quilts made by talented ladies from all over the world hanging on my walls, but I wanted to concentrate on my own projects in 2015. As an added motivation, I did participate in the 2015 Finish Along. I must admit that I did pretty poorly with completing my lists, but I did get more sewing done and even had the chance to teach at a quilting retreat, participate in a new Bloggers hop and had a quilt block published!

Preppy Stroller Quilt
Catvent Knitting Bag
Graceful Dancer Mini Messenger Bag

1 hr basket
Noodlehead divided basket

ballerina pillowcase
Stash Bee
Dad's Birthday Quilt
Swoosh pouch

Confetti Stars Improv

1 hour teacher baskets
Treasure Map Block Design
Tidal Pool test block for Molli Sparkles
Kitchen Placemats
Drawstring Ballerina tote with zippered shoe pouch
Birch Trees for Patchwork in the Peaks
Radschlager pouch
Flying circle of geese wreath wall hanging
Star Plus quilt for Jamie

Looking forward to lots more sewing and being super organized (with the help of the Quilter's Planner of course) in 2016!!



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