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Monday, January 30, 2012


Hello friends! I'm just back from a relaxing weekend with the family in the big city (Philly.) When many of your neighbors have horse & buggies as their primary vehicle, practically anyplace else is the big city.

Last weekend I was in a stitching f r e n z y with 2 baby quilts on the immediate to do list! I was working on a twin quilt until about Tuesday, and I worked 3 days during the week - which didn't leave much time. My girlfriend needed the quilt for a baby shower on Saturday and I was determined to deliver.  I decided to go with the cowboy theme again - strippy triangle squares in shades of navy, white and sage green. What's the name of that style? Until I find out, strippy triangle squares it is.

I got the top done - 9 squares about 10" square with ash gray sashing on Friday afternoon. I appliqued the baby's nickname (Pepe) on the back from scraps, quilted and bound the thing as fast as I could. Into the wash and dryer it went about a half hour before she came to pick it up! The toddler had to entertain her for a bit while she waited but I'm happy to say she left with a completed quilt. The bad news? I was in such a hurry I forgot to take pics! Waaaaaaaaaaah!  I did find some leftover scraps tho - please use your imagination to picture this one block spun into an entire stroller size quilt - about 40 x 40. My friend has promised to stalk the mom-to-be for pics.

Quilt number two was made between the time she left and bedtime (about 8 hrs - with time off for snacks, dinner, cocktails and potty training duties) for another friend. Her baby is due on Valentine's Day so Moda came through with an adorable line called Always & Forever - perfect! 
Always & Forever Petite Fat Quarter Bundle Deb Strain for Moda Fabrics

And for those of you who have made it this far - here is...
Quilting Question #2
Why would you make your spouse a quilt? I really like my husband, but I can't imagine a scenario where he'd need his own quilt. I won't get too graphic, but in bed, we use the same covers and for watching TV, he's too busy jumping up & down and cheering to be snuggled under a quilt. 

Have you made one for your mate? When do they use it? 

happy stitching!


  1. Good morning! You are one busy gal! Congrats on the 2 finishes...
    I have made a couple of quilts for my hubby, but he is a fireman and spends a good bit of time sleeping away from home.
    He always makes sure he has his woobie (a flannel rag quilt) with him when he gets sick.
    I'm sure your hubs would love anything that you gifted him with, it sounds like you do a lot for other folks and it would probably make him feel special that you took time in all of your busy-ness to make something for him.

    1. Hi Kris, thanks for the comment. That makes perfect sense! My husband travels for work and wouldn't want to stuff a quilt in his bag, but I do occasionally sneak a pair of my unmentionables in there for entertainment value :-).

  2. My husband watches some TV that doesn't involve jumping up & down cheering, and movies also. He also will spend long hours in the La-Z-Boy recliner in my sewing room, reading or doing crossword puzzles as I sew, and could use his own quilt for that. I bought a nice fat eighth bundle of French General's Panier de Fleurs for a quilt for him but haven't quite decided what to make with it yet.

  3. Well I made one for my husband cuz he asked for one :) He felt a little left out when everyone else was getting a quilt and he didn't. He wanted to feel special too :)

    1. Ok, I think I'm convinced. I can make him one for movie time. I have to make it really masculine so I won't be tempted to steal it back from him!

  4. PS - it's so neat to refer to him as "my husband" - we were just married yesterday!!

    1. WOW, Congrats Kristen, that's awesome!! I wish you many many years of happiness!

      My hubs comes in when I'm sewing too - and distracts me, lol.

  5. Awwww! I love these quilts soooo much. I just recently found out that the hubby and I are expecting. What would it cost to have a quilt made for our little chipotle? I love your work!

    With Class & Sass,

    1. Hey Classy Sassy Cousin,

      I can't wait to meet mini KC! Talk to ya on FB!

  6. Your quilts are gorgeous. My husband would probably use a quilt if I made one for him, but it would have to be a non-girly quilt.

  7. Hello - I just learned of your blog. Do like the multi-colored green quilt! Great color combinations.

    Best, Kyra


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