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Friday, March 30, 2012

Welcome back - to ME!

Hi friends! I can't believe it's been TWO months since my last post! Ooops! I was thinking it had only been a couple of weeks. Time sure flies, I tell ya.  I don't know why I never get around to posting - I'm online EVERY single day.. getting into Google reader and enjoying all my quilty subscriptions, I can't get enough!

I've actually been sewing a lot and finished a few quilts since my last post. I'll start with the last once since I'm actually on time for a "finish it up Friday" for once!

My good friend wanted a quilt for her college Freshman daughter. The criteria: pink, pink and more pink. I wish I had pics of the one I was set to replace, but suffice it to say: it is in s h r e d s and she still loves it.
Here it is:
Whoops! I was enjoying the gorgeous sunshine today and I totally forgot to snap a pic of the back! Guess I'll have to sneak around the corner for a bit tomorrow :-).  It's about 58 x 78 - a small twin.

And the question for today:
How do you hang quilts? I've been participating in swaps lately and I can't think of anything besides pins. What do you think?



  1. Pink is a great color! Congrats on the finish! I'm sure your friend's daughter will love it.

  2. LOVE the quilt! It looks great! I just had the hubs put up 2 short cafe curtain rods to hang a couple of wall hangings. Mounted directly to the wall and added the circle/clip hangers. The quilts can be changed anytime since the clips are like clothes pins & I can even hang a WIP to see how it is going to look (I don't have a design wall).

  3. Love the quilt, perfect girl color!

    I have also hung quilts using curtain rods, but I attach the rods hangers to the wall with 3m Command strips. These work well with small wall hangings and are really easy to take down and move to a different wall. I have also used the Dritz Quilting wooden blocks.

  4. What a lovely gift quilt! She's fortunate to have the quilt.

    I put sleeves onto the back of my quilts for hanging.


  5. Love the quilt!!
    Francine, for hanging, if it is a smallish wall hanging (say 24x24 or less) I add triangular bits to the top two corners (like some quilters labels). Starting with a square of fabric (approx 3x3), fold diagonally, and sew the two raw edges to the edges of the top corners just before binding. Then use a small dowel or even a yard stick.


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