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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Poetic Shouting

Hi friends,

I've finally finished my great-aunt Bush's quilt! She was recently placed in hospice care, so I wanted to send her something cozy to cuddle with.

I settled on a Poetica fat quarter bundle in rose ballad from Hawthorne Threads and got to work. This actually took me a full 2 weeks! I do have to account for summer - the kiddos are home and demand entertainment AND my A/C was broken for 3 days .. the hottest 3 days in PA this year of course. I had some Kona Champagne for the sashing and I found a hot pink in my stash as well. The drama happened when I was finishing up the quilting and noticed that the white part of my sewing machine was tinted hot pink. Yikes! I pre-washed the *&)* fabric and it still stained my machine. I hesitated to wash the quilt when it was finished for fear of bleeding, but I'd recently read a blog that mentioned this product...
Shout Color Catcher, 24 Count  (Pack of 12)
I threw 3 sheets in the wash, said a little prayer, crossed my fingers (for good measure) and guess what?
It didn't bleed! I'm a believer - thanks SHOUT!

Poetic Shouting finished at about 68"x90" with 12.5" blocks.

pieced back
close up of backing fabric

close up

Have you ever had a completed quilt ruined with color bleeding? What was your solution?


  1. My friend had the same experience just last week. She ended up washing the quilt with vinegar and some colour catchers. The colour catchers turned a lovely shade of pink and nothing on the quilt.
    Great Product!

  2. Vinegar???? I'll be putting that in my bag o' tricks too - thanks!! My color catchers were barely tinged pinkish, so I may have been worried for nothing, but the story is more exciting my way :-)

  3. I love your Poetic Shouting, the back is just as pretty as the front! For some reason I just love the way a quilt looks after it's washed.

    A friend of mine had some red bleed onto the bg of a Baltimore Album block - she placed a wet color catcher on the spot and it lifted the red beautifully. Good stuff!

    1. Awww, I wish I'd known that after I ruined my nephew's quilt last year! I sent it to him anyway and dared his parents not to use it :-0 .. that reminds me, I gotta get his replacement done..
      Thanks for the tip!

  4. Beautiful quilt. I love the way you pieced the back and your cute little label. I am going to put the Shout color catchers on my list.


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