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Monday, July 30, 2012


Hi friends! I've been participating in mug rug swaps lately and I ran out of note cards so I happily went hunting in Etsy land. Look what I found!
Custom Listing - Color Birdies set of 20 - for Francine
Kathryn Divine Unique Art Creations

Best of all, I received my cards in the mail four days after I placed the order!

Also, I finally jumped on the SOLIDS bandwagon! I was innocently reading through my blog subscriptions one day when I stumbled upon mention of a fabulous sale at Bloomerie. I hurried over and found some great deals - not necessarily things I needed at the time, but a sale's a sale!  I love this fabric
Outfoxed, Hedgehogs in Yellow
Outfoxed Hedgehogs in Yellow
Outfoxed, Hedgehogs in White
Outfoxed Hedgehogs in White

and in deciding what to do (Wonky Donkey by Kate Conklin) with something I've already bought (a common personal dilemma,)  I went in search of the perfect Kona solids... what fun! The names alone get me excited : thistle, chocolate, champagne, herb, moss, tangerine, dark violet, canary, natural, papaya, crocus, and olive!
I rarely get to snap a pic w/o my child's input
I'm seeing a lot of incredible solids quilts - which do you prefer?


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  1. When I first started quilting, I was told that I should use prints, because they hide mistakes better. So I bought lots of busy patterns. Now I like solids as well, and so what if people see my mistakes - they are design choices, and I don't have to be perfect. Now, my quilts are a mixture of prints and solids - whatever I am in the mood for.


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