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Monday, March 18, 2013

a cool contest

Hey friends! Did you hear about the contest over at Intrepid Thread? You take a pic, throw it in the palette builder at Play-Crafts and then upload the completed palette into the Flickr group. I really liked a lot of the submissions! Better hurry, the contest ends on 3/19 ~ good luck!

JellyBean Tree - I'm decorating my daughter's room around this print and I didn't realize how light (unbold)  the colors are until I saw the palette. 

love this scarf

PS - I really need to learn how to position pics in my posts - so annoying to have them messy! Any tips? All I know about is dragging.



  1. I left click on the picture and pick the Large picture and Center and then this pretty much fills up your page with the picture and puts it in the center. Maybe this will help.

  2. Hi Francine. Welcome to quilt blogging. It took some practice to do photos. I choose small size. It defaults to medium. Then I choose left usually, or right sometimes, and wrap text around the pics. Use preview to see what you have before publishing, since what you see as you type isn't what you get! You can drag but this doesn't always get you what you want either. Just play around and you'll get the hang of it soon. hope this helps.

  3. I love the Jellybean Tree colors and the Scarf's colors too. I LOVE blues. And purples. oh there isn't a color I don't love anymore.


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