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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Google Reader alternatives

Hi friends,

Have you picked your side yet between Bloglovin' and Feedly?  I decided to try them both out. Actually, to be more honest, I purposely tried out Bloglovin' and forgot I had signed up for Feedly until I got a little message on my computer about it crashing. Anyway, I'm not in love with Bloglovin' yet because you can't read whole posts without clicking onto an individual blog. I follow over 100, so that is annoying. And I like that Google Reader shows a post as read after you scroll over it.

Anyway, I read a really great article on Jane's Fabrics and Quilts blog, so I'm going to send you there and she'll send you on to the article - happy reading and picking!


Lookie what I found today over at The Quilting Hottie Haven!! You can read all about the designing/research/pestering skills it took to bring us these fun magnets. They can be ordered here for cheap!


  1. I am not too found of the Bloglovin either, I am finning it hard to read not sure what I am doing. I know that I just have to keep at it, I sure do not what to miss anything.

  2. Feedly lets you read whole posts without clicking and marks as read once you have. Same as google e-reader.

  3. I have not figured out bloglovin but I am finding feedly to operate like my other iPad apps an updated fancy google reader plus it is user friendly!

  4. Lovers of information now seem to have a tough time with the recent announcement of the closing down of Google reader. However, fans of Google reader can now switch to something new alternatives to Google Reader. I found list of some alternatives of it, but still can't decide that with whom should I go for best result. Now, here its a brief description about some other alternatives, so now its not a very much difficult task for me. Thanks for helping out on above topic.

  5. I switched to Feedly after reading a bunch of articles listing pros and cons. Love it--both on PC and my iPad. I didn't bother testing out any others so didn't try to use Bloglovin' at all, but one of the things I liked best about Feedly was the 1-button transfer of my (well over a hundred) blog subscriptions while still maintaining my folders as they were. And I love the swipe interface to mark something as read. Very easy!

  6. Hi Guys I've found that netvibes gives me the best of what I liked about reader including marking items as read. Don't be put off by the front screen and change it from widget to reader (button that goes from grid to list) and its great! It brought in my blogs and groups that I have them in seamlessly and I can just go up and down with the keyboard or mouse to my hearts content!

  7. I will forward this page to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!


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