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Saturday, August 3, 2013

I think all I do is SWAP!

Hey friends! I just found this draft that I forgot to post - oops!

Did you hear about the Mug Rug Revival? Look what I got from Staci @ The Confused Quilter!
The crazy thing is that I had a dresden idea as well, but I'd never tried it and I didn't have a template, so I had to wing it! My partner requested rainbow colors, so I thought Half Moon Modern was in order:

The additional placemat was made using the dresden scraps - they were much too pretty to waste!

For June's Doll Quilt Swap, I had the lovely Karen as a partner. It was so great getting to know her! I love the interaction that comes from a non-secret swap! I made a granny square doll quilt using Breath of Avignon charms.

Mini Quilt granny square swap
Granny Squares for Karen

and look what I got - it's honestly one of the most beautiful things I've ever received in a swap!
new york beauty mini quilt
amazing New York Beauty from Karen

and for June's Japanese X and + Quilt queen bees:

and finally, COMFORT at do.good stitches requested Granny's Front Porch blocks - this is definitely one of my new favorites!
that's it for June - and now on to July! ***ok I know I'm late


  1. You have been doing all this swapping, yet we haven't received a package that was supposed to be delivered BEFORE you moved to Germany! lol
    I guess Michael ( and I) will continue to patiently wait to become important priorities! :-)
    Love ya!

    1. This is why you don't give your sister your blog address cause she'll be on here demanding quilts! lol love ya!

    2. Good to know I can keep up with you and harass you at the same time! Lol
      You have improved from 10 plus years ago... Michael is 11 and still sleeps with the ( now raggedy) blanket you made him which is why it is time for a new one!
      Love you more sis!

  2. The NY Beauty is a stunner!

  3. I still love my Granny Square Quilt and thanks so much!! I think I just found my 9 patch I want to do for Jane in Alabama this month......time is flying!!


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