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Friday, August 2, 2013

Winners and sewing!

Hi friends,

Thank you for the birthday wishes! Guess what? After I posted, I realized I had TWO journals, so we'll have 2 winners - yay!

Mr. Random picked number 2:
hsppy birthday and hopefully many more babscorbitt@gmail.com

and number 18:
Happy Birthday Francine. I'm still working on my FQR post too :)
 Congrats ladies!

Also, I wanted to mention a cool swap I've joined - if you're interested - hop over quick cause signups close August 4th!

I have quite a few newborn and soon to be born babies to sew for, so I jumped right on it this week and have 2 tops so far!
hst baby quilt half square triangle bungle jungle
Bungle Jungle baby w/ Kona Coal

Bungle Jungle baby
My photos aren't as successful for quilt #2. I was all cocky after taking Judith's photography class and I had the nerve to take my camera off 'auto' and got some really dark pictures. I guess I need practice, so I'll take more when these babies are finished!
2wenty Thr3e (I hate spelling that) Samurai Stars

2wenty Thr3e Samurai Stars on Kona Snow
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  1. Busy lady! What sort of camera do you have? If it's a Canon or Nikon DSLR there should be a little green meter line shows up when you look through the viewfinder with the shutter button half pressed. You're aiming for the line to be in the middle - if it's to the left the photo will be too dark, and to the right it'll be too light

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  3. Wow I love the Bungle Jungle top!! You've been busy, lady! Happy belated bday

  4. I love both of those quilts, very nicely done!

  5. Such beautiful quilts! I particularly love the first one - Kona Coal is one of my favorite go-to colors! Whoop whoop!!

  6. Gorgeous HST quilt!! And happy belated! I've been on holiday so am now frantically trying to catch up with all the blog posts from the past two weeks!!!

  7. Beautiful baby quilts, and happy birthday a little late.


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