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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Superstar - a quick finish!

This was kind of a quickie! Since school started a couple of weeks ago, I've been on a mission to get myself organized. I need to get some scheduled sewing time in as well learning a new language (having your eyebrows completely shaved off is only funny AFTER a few weeks) and spending hang out time with new friends here. I'm so tempted to ignore everything and just sew sew sew while the house is quiet!!

This is for a baby expected in October and look here - I'm early! I've had this Alexander Henry print called Flea Market Friends (I think) for quite awhile. It was purchased on one of those Joann's trips where you're just going to get some batting and accidentally wander into the fabric aisle. I just love the soft colors and how they paired with a few of these DS fat quarters (also from Joann's) and the last of my Kona Ash as the background. I need to get a better pic when it comes out of the dryer, but I quilted around the center star & then echoed.

Also, it's almost Patchwork in the Peaks time! One of the classes that I'm most excited about is the Aeroplane Bag. I'm having SUCH a hard time narrowing down my fabric choices!
Maybe I just like the pretty Kokka cacti that look like they're wearing sombreros (I'm from AZ!)

Nancy Wolff Penguins and some text

Lucy's Crab Shack & Reunion
 decisions decisions .. 


  1. I'm really sorry, but I laughed out loud at the eyebrow incident. I hope they're back in time for PITP ;o) Oh, and I vote the penguins, totally love them!

  2. OH my gosh, your eyebrows! You are a trooper! Your quilt looks great, the baby will love it. I vote for the kokka cacti, what a great print and I am digging the color palette!

  3. I love your stars :) And I say go with those Nancy Wolff Penguins - I ADORE THOSE so I think they'd be a perfect choice!!!!

  4. cute quilt! I vote Lucy's Crab Shack and Reunion. LOVE those!!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  5. Well you finally chose so well! AND you get to make the penguin bag next, or whatever, again! It was great meeting you at Peaks, and sewing in your shadow. I hope you got back safely. JJ-from-the-table-behind-yours


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