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Friday, September 6, 2013

F-R-I-E-N-D-S Swap!

Hola! Summer is finally over ~ school is in and I can do some catching up! Besides the lovely trip to London in July, we took a few days and explored Paris with my daughter who has been talking about Paris for the last year. I have no idea how she even knows about it, but it was great fun to watch her face as we approached the Eiffel Tower. Her fave thing of course, were the crepes! 

I participated in the Friends Swap and was fortunate to be paired with Sabine who is also here in Germany. She is a mixed media specialist and was super creative, thoughtful and generous with her gifts. 

Red coffee quilt
 I had trouble capturing the level of detail in this quilt. It is made of several layers of fabric and each detail is the stack cut to that layer. Make sense? No? So the red heart on the coffee mug is cut down to the layer of fabric that has the red print. It almost looks like raw edge applique, but it's like reverse-lique. (reserve applique, right?) Ya'll have probably seen this a million times, but it's a first for me lol! The coffee in the cup is a cool brown tulle like fabric.

Indigo fabric - hand dyed in Budapest
"Endless summer Rose Girl" painting with multi layers and textures
"Nadelkissen" which is German for pincushion 
adorable, right?!

hand blown glass Decorations for our German Christmas tree

Sweets for me and the kiddos and locally roasted coffee - yum!!
I can't wait to receive word that she has received my package, but it definitely doesn't stack up to what she has sent!


  1. Gosh - amazing parcel!! I have a pickle ornament too - look up the history and at Christmas, you hide it in the tree for the kids to find!!!

  2. Heh, the child loved the big chocolate covered thing the most, shocker ;o) Fabulous swap though!

  3. I am so happy, that you loved it. Did you understand the thing with the cucumber at the christmas tree? Otherwise I try to translate it! Oh and the little painting is from me.
    Now I have also blogged your goodies. I love them all! Thanks a lot!!!!
    Hugs, Sabine

    P.S. Did you have luck with the patchworkgroup?


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