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Saturday, November 16, 2013

an adventure in Switzerland

Hola! I think I mentioned awhile ago that I would be attending my first Patchwork in the Peaks Retreat this Fall. Despite the challenges of missing my flight and arriving (by train) nearly 12 hours later than scheduled, I had a really amazing time!
A view of the Swiss Alps from the deck 
I took lots of pics that are lost, but it was a magical time. Imagine 14 or so quilters, a beautiful ski chalet in a breathtaking location, a sweetheart host, a chef, a masseuse, a hot tub and on site quilting supplies shop and limitless wine ~ I can't wait to visit again! Having lived in Germany for the past 10 months, I've become accustomed to not understanding most of what is said around me. How wonderful to discover that several attendees were American and the rest were British - yay English! I met such an amazing group of women. I can't wait to see them again, but in the meantime, I can visit a few of my new friends including our fab host Elita,  Lynne and the super-speedy Ms. Juliette ( seriously, every time I finished stitching a row, she'd finished a new quilt behind me.)

The highlight class for me was taught by the prolific Katy. She taught us The Aeroplane Bag - which sort of stretched over a couple of days until all of us were finished - what patience! She was chock full o'stories all weekend and provided a 3 part recap of the event! Here are parts 1 and 2. Incidentally, reading her blog is how I learned about the retreat and knew to hustle for the last spot! Here's my bag - I wanted to use Kokka penguins, but hadn't brought enough fabric darnit, so I went with my second choice- Lucy's Crab Shack bicycles & Reunion canvas.

at the front door of Chalet St. Marie

Sunday night dinner - fish pie
I'm so bummed to have lost the pictures of the village of St. Marie and the neighboring horse who snuck up on me, but I'll get them next time -

the next Peaks is in April - signing up immediately!!


  1. Looks like you all had a fab time. I love your fabric choices for the bag...I have the pattern but not dared to attempt it yet!

  2. Wow, what a great setting for a retreat! It is such a treat to meet other quilters.

  3. You totally need to get back to visit that horse ;o)

  4. And we are so looking forward to seeing you in April too!! :-)

  5. Retreats are wonderful! What a great place to have one.


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