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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hallo!! (check me out speaking German)

Why, hello there! I've sure missed you! I tried not to even look at the date of my last post ~ good grief!!

I've been sewing up a storm this Fall and I took plenty of pictures - and  then  lost them.  I'm so ticked off! I've gone through my phone and managed to come up with a couple and there were a few on an a random SD card.

I never showed ya what I sent out for the FRIENDS Swap, right?  I really had a fantastic partner and I'm still enjoying the gifts I received. Sabine is a great artist and is interested in mixed media and loves butterflies and turquoise. I didn't have a good idea of what mixed media meant in relation to quilting until I received my incredible package from her. That being said, I did attempt to seem like I was mixed-media-ing by using a variety of low volume and assorted neutral background squares along with some triangle "butterflies" in her mini quilt.

It's quilted in wavy lines to imitate a butterfly's flight - get it?

 oh wait - I can show you the pics from my swap partner's blog - duh.
'F'rench washi tape & some other cool stuff

'R'ound quilted coasters

'E'iffel Tower clip (from Paris!!) &chocolate
Grid Paper 'N'otebook & Frixion pen
'D'arjeeling tea

'S'chmetterling (butterfly) leather purse & scrapbook paper
Ok, this is long enough! Tomorrow I'll show you a couple of Doll Quilter's Monthly Swap quilts!


  1. Oh no how horrible you lost all your photos, I lost 20 small spools of Aurifill, I am kicking myself.

  2. Great swap items....I love Frixion pens and I bet your partner was over the moon.

  3. Hallo Francine! I hope that you are enjoying your life over here after some chaotic months at the beginning of the year! I sincerely hope that you feel welcome and that people would be less afraid of talking to you in english - I remember our conversation on this topic during FQSR and have been quite ashamed for our people ever since.



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