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Saturday, April 12, 2014


Hello there! I had a little disaster on Thursday and my cell phone was taken from a shop's fitting room! There were more than 400 pictures in there ~ darnit! I'm still learning about iCloud and how it works so I was pleasantly surprised to find some of the pictures from my phone in there, but definitely not all of them. I'm so bummed!!  Scrounging for pics, I found a few Doll Quilters Monthly Swap & Bee photos that I haven't shared. I try to wait for my partner to receive before posting pics, but I almost always forget after a few days.
January  "Try Something New" from Vickie 

February "Love" from Nedra

"Love" from me to Nedra plus a Polish Pottery thimble

March "Think Green" Sprouts from me to Leonie

Stash Bee Feb "Stars" for Em
Off to enjoy this beautiful weather!
Stash Bee March "Improv" for Michelle


  1. Ooooh! Those are all so, so, adorable! I've got to join in sometime...someday...when all the kids are in school finally. So sorry about your phone. I found one in a fitting room this week, and turned it in. I guess that happens a lot. Have a super day!

  2. Oh bum, such a pain on the phone :o( Glad you could rescue some of the pics though at least.


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