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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Early Results!

For my April ALYoF (A Lovely Year of Finishes) goal, I chose the family room pillows. Check me out - it's April 1 and I completed the 2nd pillow today! I'm not yet sure if I'll consider myself finished or if the couch is begging for one more pillow. For full effect, here's the couch with its sad & flat pillows. These suckers spend a lot of time on the floor, being hurled by one sibling to/at another and as doll props.
 I was inspired by the improv projects in Quilting Modern by Jaquie Gering.

Pillow #1 - isn't that snappy?

Pillow #2 - Log cabin
Not sure how long before these beauties will be on the floor, beaten up and dirty, but I'll enjoy the view until then.

20" envelope style pillow covers
Fabric : RK Slate Rock FQ bundle
quilted in Aurifil #2615

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  1. They look great, and hey, now you can link these up too, the linky runs till 6th April!

  2. Yay for selfmade pillows, these two are beautiful!


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