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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New Blogger Hop & a little shopping

Hello again! I don't know how it's already the end of June! The month is slipping by and the school year is finally coming to an end. I was on a roll with getting some sewing done, but the World Cup has slowed me down a bit - have you been watching? Exciting!

Speaking of which, we had the opportunity to attend the USA/Germany soccer match a couple of weeks ago and managed to get our ugly mugs on TV. We even got a message from back home saying one of our family members had seen my son on CNN jumping around like a lunatic after our 2nd goal.

So anyway, it's Week 2 of the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop and my Hive has 4 new places I hope you'll visit.

Wanda of wandadotson.com (IG: wandaslifesampler)
Tish of tishnwonderland.blogspot.com (IG: tishnwonderland)
Brianna of theironandneedle.blogspot.ca (IG: theironandneedle)
Sandra of thebiasedge.wordpress.com

I've been fooling around with a new pouch idea and I have been wanting to try EQ7, so I jumped in and got it yesterday! My naughty confession of the week is that I hate reading instructions and since I'm savvy enough with the computer, I jumped in and started using it to design a PP block. The result?

hahahahahaha! What a mess! I had to hang my head in shame and start watching the instructional videos. I did have a little better success on my 2nd attempt, but I haven't watched the video on where the heck it saves your designs, so I can't see it.  Oh wait.. let me look again. 
ok here's a simple block idea

So far, I like EQ7, but some of the instructional blog posts I found were at least 4 years old, so I'm hoping it's not obsolete tomorrow! Do you have the program? What's your favorite thing about it?



  1. Honestly, I find EQ7 very cumbersome and not terribly intuitive. I'm struggling with it, but we're getting there. That quilt idea you posted is something that my friend Christa designed. It's called Modern X - you can see it here if you like http://christaquilts.com/christas-quilts-modern-x/ The color placement is a little different, but the pattern is the same. Christa's great with EQ7, so you might find some helpful hints on her blog.

  2. What an exciting day at the game that must've been! I was tinkering with EQ7 this week too. I'm with you on not reading instructions, I learn best through failure :) I've never used EQ for paper piece design, I've always found Illustrator works better for me there but it's also cause I've never successfully made a paper piece design in EQ7 - I should really find some good videos and brush up thought!

  3. How fun to get on TV! When I was in college I was part of the marching band and loved it when I could pick myself out of the sea of uniforms and faces. I began designing using EQ5 but have started using Inkscape. I don't do paper piecing (yet) so can't comment on great programs for that. :)

  4. It's always fun and funny at the same time to see ourselves on TV, that's super fun! I thought your first attempt was pretty awesome and it almost looks like one of those outlines they do on (apologize before hand) crime scenes when they take the body away but draw around the body for how it was laying on the ground. I think you should work more on that and just clean up the lines, it would be a really fun paper piece! Loving your bright style and keep up the great work!

    *Stopping by from the New Blogger Blog Hop - New Bee's

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