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Tuesday, June 16, 2015


With all the airplane paraphernalia and talk going on in my house, it's no wonder that this
Paper Plane Pattern posted w/permission from K@QP
recently caught my eye on Craftsy! Kristy has several really cute and FREE paper pieced patterns on her Craftsy page & her blog Quiet Play is awesome- check her out!

As I set about choosing fabrics, I realized it would make a great little going-away gift for a friend and fellow pilot's wife whose family is returning to the US. I debated making a wall hanging, but in the end, decided that a pouch might have more utility for her.

I just love how it came out!
 I just love the Noteworthy line and I think it really suits her personality.
 The "sky" background is Kona bluebell.  I quilted gridlines and then added her name and the flight path in a variegated blue pearl cotton.
Pretty, right?
The back is made from a few more prints in the collection and it's finished with a cool zipper pull. I sure hope she likes it! 

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  1. It is very pretty and I have to admit that the paper airplane pattern really speaks to me, too, but I've yet to use it. The touch of the flight path in perle cotton is just right!

  2. I saw this project on your IG and LOVE the hand stitched detail with the paper airplane. I never thought I'd want to paper piece a paper airplane so badly :)

  3. I love this! Great choice of fabrics and the hand quilting really finishes it off. Kristy's patterns are just brilliant!

  4. This is soooooo sweet. Thank you for sharing pictures.

  5. Great, Francine! Your girlfriend will cherish it forever especially with the special "flight" idea behind it. And before you know it, you will be quilting a whole blanket by hand! ;-)

  6. Love it! I just painted a paper airplane on my mail box.


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