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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pretty Placemats

 Hello again! Next up on the very incomplete list of Quarter 3 proposed finishes, I have a set of kitchen place mats finished this weekend. The 2nd one was actually finished about 25 minutes before my family had to dash out to meet friends for dinner. I wish I had taken a picture of my daughter catching my threads as I snipped the loose ones on the train as we headed to the restaurant!
 Side by side and ALMOST the same dang size...

I really love the texture that quilting provides. I need to learn free motion quilting, but I like the surprise of straight lines when you just keep adding angles - so fun!


  1. I struggled to dive in and learn FMQing, too. I needed a bit of hand holding and opted to take a class with someone instead of watching online and trying on my own. I do think that you should go for it, though, with whatever method of learning would work best for you. :) I still love straight line quilting, by the way. The placemats are so cute, bright and fun.

  2. You are a master of straight line quilting, as evidenced in your placemats. I'm sure you can master fmq as well.

  3. Such fun placemats, I love them. Straight lines are awesome and there is so much you can do with them. I keep thinking I should practice my fmq more so that I can use it a bit but I barely have enough time to sew, never mind practice sewing, so I'm just going to continue to create and hope I'll eventually get around to the fmw some time in the future.

  4. I love your placemat! I am currently making some for my sister and find it a refreshing change from a big quilt.

  5. They're great!

    *Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad*


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