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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Quarter 4!

Wow, I can't believe it's already time for the 4th quarter of the 2015 Finish Along! I've done miserably with my proposed finishes, but have completed more projects for my own home than in any year I can remember, so it's still a win for me!

In Quarter 3, I attempted to finish these things:

1. Birthday Quilt for my son. 

'Result - I finished the top! I'll move the quilting/finishing to next quarter.

2. Ballerina drawstring bag - Finished! 
3. Placemats - still need 2 for kitchen table. - Finished! 

4. Paper airplane pouches (a few of these have been requested by friends.) - not even started! 
5. Dusseldorf pouches (making a few for a craft fair) - not done
6. Finish bee quilt - I'm not sure where this thing even is lol. 
For Quarter 4  I will attempt to
1. Finish Birthday quilt. Maybe it'll turn into a Christmas quilt? 
2. Dusseldorf pouches
3. Paper airplane pouches
4. Quilt for mom
5. Quilt for friend's new baby
6. Quilt the stinking bee quilt that has been hanging around all year
7. Make something from my toppling stack of Lotta Jansdotter fat quarters
8. Christmas table runner
9. Fairy pillow (using PP pattern from Tartan Kiwi)

I'm not really fussed to complete any of this quickly and it's nice to have no pressure, but wish me luck! 
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  1. I also look forward to seeing how these all finish up, so I hope you make a big dent in your list!

  2. Hi : Visiting from the link up. That's quite a list. I hope you get lots of it done, especially the stinking bee quilt!

  3. Like you I didn't finish all my Q3 projects but have made an even bigger list for Q4!!! However, isn't it wonderful to get a lot of finished even if it's not the entire list! Your ballerina bag is gorgeous!! Your table mats remind me that I really need some and they aren't even on my list. Good luck with all your finishes.


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