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Thursday, August 4, 2011

mistakes were made

I bought this really cool book a month or so ago (after admiring it for weeks on Amazon.)

I've been really looking forward to trying some things. I even found a website on which a group of sewing enthusiasts are gong through and making all the projects over the course of this year! Pink Chalk Studios sew along.  Ahh the petite diaper bag looked so adorable in the book. 

I'm trying to look at mine as a learning experience. I really had to scrounge and piece in order to get enough "ingredients" together for the project. 

  • I learned that you actually need to read through the entire process first AND understand it. 
  • I learned not to use powerful Pelton as the interfacing. The book just said to use interfacing - it gave no guidance (I don't think) as to the strength, so I guess - wrong. Have you ever tried to maneuver this stuff? I broke out into a sweat trying to flip the tab inside out after it was sewn. The bag is now stronger than me. 
  • I learned that the little piece on the changing mat is supposed to be left open in order to attach it to the bag - I confidently sewed mine shut and quilted it before realizing it should've been left open. I didn't even bother with the Velcro.
Ah well, my "petite diaper bag" looks like a wine bag which is what it’s going to be. I’m thinking that the changing mat could be padding between 2 bottles of wine or maybe some sort of pouring placemat because drinking wine is way more fun than changing diapers.

pouring mat

Super Strong wine bag


  1. Wine bags...hmmm...there may be a market in Idaho for those... :)

  2. I hear that there is an amazing Riesling from Idaho that would really work in this bag!


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