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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1600" of fraying

Hey friends,

Have you tried this yet? I attempted it first in doll quilt size for Beans.

 I recently found out that my great aunt is in hospice and I want to make her a quilt - quickly.  One idea I had for a quick design was the 1600 method. As I waited for her fabric to arrive, I consulted a tute and practiced with an old jelly roll from Joann's. The problem? The edges are not pinked so they fray and fray and fray. Oh, and I tried to carefully randomize the order - and so it came out with like colors touching anyway - OOPS! Moving right along...

This is the fabric I decided on, but I'm having trouble narrowing down a design. 

Poetica Fat Quarter Bundle in Rose Ballad
Poetica in Rose Ballad

My books aren't helping : I want to make every single quilt in each of the books    

I'd really like a simple but pretty and FAST design for her twin quilt.

Question: What quick method is your go-to favorite for twin size quilts?



  1. My usual go-to when I have to get a quilt done fast is a four or nine patch block, with big alternate blocks. Use a big print for the alternate blocks. It looks great and is super quick.



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