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Friday, August 10, 2012

August Swaps & a trip

Hi friends!

I'm headed out today on another family trip - feels like we haven't been home much at all this summer! 
So, are there any good quilt shops around Raleigh, or Charlotte, NC or Savannah, GA?  I left room in my suitcase!

On another note: I am so EFFICIENT! It's rare, but sometimes it happens and I have to brag. I'm in another around of NuBees and I was recently accepted into Sewn Together - my first real bee. For the NuBee blocks I stuck with the same style as last month- the Indiana Puzzle

Half Moon Modern & Bella White 
Half Moon Modern & Bella White 
Benartex - Crazy Daisy
KS Good Fortune & Riley Blake

It's funny, I OFTEN see bloggers showcasing pictures of the recent bee block they've completed and they then admit that the block is "late."  I'm too paranoid of getting kicked out, so I'm on time so far, heh heh. For August, Sorrel requested a "color cluster" block. This is a new one for me and I'm glad she said not to square this sucker up! The scraps are 2.5" and smaller



  1. Great looking blocks! I'm not in a bee, but I still have yet to complete 3 months of QAL blocks =D

  2. The Color Cluster blocks look super !! I've been trying to contact the "owner" of the pattern but haven't had much luck. I'd like to use it for my Bee, the Bee Desi on Desi Quilters. Is there anyway you could pass on my request ? Thanks !
    ( I'm in India so that will explain the "Desi" :-) )

  3. Oh gosh, you're going to be FINE if you come to London!


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