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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Hey there! I've spent the better part of today making myself a new iPad case! When I first got my iPad a few months ago, I bought a cause with an integrated keyboard to keep myself from becoming a proficient "pecker," cause I can type already!

Anyway, my keyboard case does not have any storage, so I keep losing things like the charger, card reader, etc.. actually there's no etc, that's all I've got and I've had to buy the crap at least 3 times.

Fresh Lemons to the rescue! I noticed this tutorial because it answers my storage needs.. I got my fabric - a faux corduroy print and kona charcoal and got to work. Tada!

 Notice anything? My pocket liner is jacked up. I took this thing apart twice and put it back together and noticed it was still wrong. The liner is all there, but it's reversed somehow. CRAP!  And it's smiling at me.. I'll have to try it again someday soon, right now I'm too annoyed.. off to find some wine

What would you do? I'm thinking of giving it away as a gift & dare the recipient to complain about the pocket ;-) and more importantly, DOES SEWING MAKE YOU CURSE?

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  1. Oh, Francine, I feel your pain and Love your idea of giving it as a gift with the dare ... most probably wouldn't have a clue there was anything wrong with it ... but I'm so sorry you struggled with it ... enjoy your wine!!!

    1. I've issued that dare with many projects/gifts ;) thanks!


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