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Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 Finish Along ~ Quarter 1 goals

Hello again! I had a chance to sit down and make myself a good list today. I wanted to get some direction and not just go crazy. When I go crazy, I miss things (which is why I just finished my October & November bee blocks - oops!)

Anyhow, here's my list o'crap to do this quarter (not including bee blocks):
1. Finish my son's Ninja quilt

2. Turn this fq bundle of Garden Party into this for a special couple

3. Family room pillows using this FQ bundle (had to use a pic because I've been waiting for this fabric for more than 3 months!!!)

4. Turn these bee blocks into a finished quilt for my bed

5. Turn these "drunk love in a log cabin" bee blocks into guest room quilt

6. Finish king size DS Florence Churn Dash quilt for my cousin-in-law (backing fabric is also in the order I'm waiting on)

7. Make the Tipsy City Quilt from the Quilting Modern book for Another Little Quilt Swap

8. Finish my mini from Lu Summers' Improv class at FQR '13

9. Quilt for Granny

Plus those everlovin' bee blocks for December and January - good grief!!

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  1. You've got a very full plate! There are going to be some gorgeous quilts and such happening at your house this year!

  2. WOW!! I love the Drunk Love one. You will be very very busy.

  3. You can do it!! LOVE your soon-to-be-finished mini from Lu's class :) Fingers crossed your fabric arrives soon!

  4. Good luck! Some are so close to finishes at least that they shouldn't be too bad. Well, until you get 'oooh, shiny!' syndrome ;o)

  5. I see you have many happy hours of creative fun in the coming weeks. ENJOY!!! :)

  6. I hope your fabric turns up soon! All lovely projects, I particularly like the ninja quilt :)

  7. Lots of lovely projects and I love your sketched designs- there's nothing like a pen and paper!

  8. Love how you connected pictures to your to do list. I may have to do that. :)

  9. Good luck getting these finished, hope your fabric arrives soon!

  10. Hi Francine! You have a lot of projects to get finished. They all look very wonderful. The colors and designs you choose/create are fascinating. I love them! I am looking foward to your Garden Party Bundle Surprise.


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