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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Problems & Issues

Hi there! Where has the month gone? I can't believe February 2014 is almost here ~ I feel like I misplaced January!

Today I finally received the fabric I've been waiting on for 3 months! Problem #1 - I had to pay shipping charges again and the postman just asked me for an additional 12 bucks to release my package. Good grief! Good stuff in there though, right?
So anyway, this month I really wanted to finish my son's ninja quilt as my only goal for January's ALYoF. Here's problem #2 - I measured his bed a few times and yet..
his quilt is about 12 inches too short for his bed. I do have more fabric, but I'm not sure what to do here. I could make maybe 8 smaller stars to go across the top or something? I'm so motivated to leave it and just pretend I was leaving room for his pillow up top ;). Suggestions?

Problem #3 - I joined the Sweet Pouch Swap on IG and was paired with a really great partner. I found a cool pouch to make and my nicest scraps and I love the result. The problem occurred when I went to check my email for her address. I came across her preferences again. She likes bold & bright with no flowery pastels. Whooops!!!!! I guess I need to make this sucker again. 

I got my Stash Bee block done today too. This is a 16" block made for Alison called "Firewheel." I learned to make fast flying geese - yehaw!

With just a few days left of this month, I've got a doll quilt to complete, as well as my Japanese x & + blocks and the ALQS. Whew - better get busy!


ps - sewing "problems" are my favorite kind cause I can solve them by spending more time sewing ;)


  1. I love your son's Ninja quilt. Why not just finish it off by adding a large solid strip across the top? Have a super day!

  2. Sorry to hear about #1 :(, for #2 if I had enough fabric I would make another row of stars, shrinkage will happen once washed, I like the colors of #3, the block looks great!

  3. If it was me I might rip the seam so you have two clocks of eight blocks and sew a row of smaller stars in the middle, and if you're pressed for fabric for the stars, you could make them smaller and then add a border on the top and bottom of the new row. In my head that works (!!), just an idea - it's a wicked quilt just as it is though :) Boo to the charges :(

  4. That should say 'two blocks of eight'!

  5. I hope the parcel was worth the arm, leg and kidney you sacrificed!

    I would totally just sew a strip of fabric top and bottom and call it a border on #2!

    Love your block :o)

  6. I say throw a 6 inch border around the whole thing! (You could fudge on the sides and make it 4 or 5 maybe!)

  7. Hello my dear! That is a lovely quilt. I'd go for another line of identical stars if you can bear it, because once quilted it will shrink up inevitably, and in my experience quilts are never too big! xx Juliet

  8. I agree with others about adding a row - can a quilt really ever be too big? ; ) And love your stash bee block!

  9. I would go with some borders you could even have 2 different borders.


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