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Monday, July 7, 2014

Quarter 3 Finish Along

Well Quarter 2 was quite a failure! I looked back through my list and realized I didn't finish anything! I've been sewing doll quilts, bee blocks and other things,  but hadn't worked on anything from my list.  So I'm scrapping that list and making one that is hopefully MUCH more realistic!

1. Finish this Flying Geese Improv Quilt. I need to gift it very soon, so I am motivated to figure out the quilting and get this one done.

2. Make 2 more pillows for my family room. As predicted, the first 2 spend a great deal of time in places other than the couch, but for the few brief moments a day when the family room is clean and orderly, they'll look great.
I'm thinking the next 2 pillows will have triangles and I'll use the same FQ bundle.

3. Finish this Garden Party gift quilt. The recipient of this quilt has a birthday in September so I'd really like to get this to her on time! It's currently about 59" square so I'm thinking of adding a scrappy border in a combination of coordinating solids and the remaining fat quarters to get it up to 65". Plus I'm hoping it'll make me hate that white border a little less. What was I thinking?

4. Make pillows for downstairs sofa. I got some cool fabrics from Ikea lined up already

5. Make an apron and stop having to change clothes or (more realistically) wear dirty clothes the rest of the day every time I cook or bake something. This one will be reversible for extra effectiveness. I made my husband one for practice so now I'm ready!

6. Noodlehead Divided Basket - this is another gift needed very soon. I have most of what will fill the basket so I just need to get it made. Thanks to FairlyMerry for her encouragement and tips. She's made some really pretty ones and I hear they're addicting!

Kokka canvas options for divided basket
7. This one is a pipe dream, but as my partner and I have plans to share our Supernova Friendship Quilts at the next Patchwork in the Peaks (Oct 2 - 5th,) and Quarter 3 ends on the 6th, it would be great to have them complete. Otherwise, we'll be sharing just our quilt tops.


  1. I think this looks very manageble! Good luck and look forward to reading about your progress.

  2. Your geese and garden quilts are fabylous! Looking foward to seeing how you quilt them :)

  3. Good luck with that list! I think you need to get the kids colouring that Ikea fabric though :oD

  4. Cool, cool projects! Thanks for reminding me that I had to write my list for 3qtr. :-) Looking forward to seeing our SuperNova come together too!

  5. Oooooh love that Kokka fabric...
    Good luck getting them all done, my dear :-)


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