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Friday, July 11, 2014

Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap - What I Received!

Hi there! I have to say I had a pretty bad day yesterday. It started with an eyebrow "procedure" that always produces tears. This time I let myself be talked into "sugaring" which sounded sweet and painless. Have you had this done? It's like cold waxing - it hurts like a mutha!

Anyway, I then proceeded to Starbucks for a pick-me-up. I walked back over to my 5 month old car and put my coffee in the cup holder. After deciding to be a good girl and walk instead of drive to my next appointment, I went to grab my coffee and the cup sort of collapsed into the lid and I poured the entire thing into the passenger seat, floor and stick shift. I hope no one was in the parking garage with me cause I said a whole lot of loud, colorful things.

So, when I returned back home and cleaned out the car I was pleasantly surprised to see this waiting for me.

I wasn't expecting my Schnitzel & Boo package so soon! Melanie truly outdid herself and I am one happy camper!

The whole package

My marvelous, colorful mini
The combination of bright, colorful prints with low volume is exactly my taste and I just love it. I've already hung it right above my sewing area so I can always see it and smile.
Goodie bag!
I also was lucky enough to receive a silly mustache tote bag, a cool microwave basket (what a great idea for not burning fingers,) a tiny tape measure in a handy tin, a little notebook, a mini diamond ruler, some flower seeds to plant with my "sprout," a perfectly accurate HOT STUFF pin, a bit of Glimma (YES!!) and a taste sensation - peanut butter/chocolate Chex Mix. I'm not sure how my life has survived this long without them and I'm trying to ration myself. Do you like the way I tucked them into the tote bag, so you can't see they're open already?

Sneaky snaggle-toothed photo bomber
Thank you again Melanie for such a fantastic package and thanks again to Kristi @ Schnitzel & Boo for an awesome swap! I'm looking forward to round 3! 



  1. You should link this up to a new linky party about swaps, a terrific package, love the mini you got.

  2. Oooh, lovely goodies there missus! Can't think what words you might have been meaning in that carpark though... ;o)


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