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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Friday Night Sew-In

Have you heard of FNSI? Every 3rd Friday, Sugarlane Quilts hosts a linky party for people to sign up and then everyone posts on Saturday what they worked on Friday.  I thought it would be a fun and no-pressure motivation to work on binding my Garden Party.

With the company of Walter White, I got some binding done on Friday and then spent a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in the park with the kids plugging away. I really hate hand binding!! It takes me FOREVER!! I know I need to practice, but I don't have a rhythm so I have to check every single stitch to make sure the needle hasn't gone through to the front. What a pain!

half done but getting close!!


  1. Love the quilt, hate hand binding!

  2. I have never sewn on binding by hand and won't even attempt to. I am too impatient!


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