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Monday, October 13, 2014

Q4 - the 2014 Final List!

Hello again!

I'm pushing up against the deadline for posting my 4th quarter list! I've been so inspired by everyone's accomplishments this year and it's definitely fueled my motivation to  work on my own projects.

1. Finish Garden Party quilt
This one just needs the quilting finished and binding - finally!

2. Downstairs family room cushions
Given the amount of time they will spend on the floor, this will be a simple pattern for extra large cushions.

3. Supernova Friendship Quilt
My partner and I have completed our blocks and I'm anxious to see this one come together.

4. Wonky Pinwheel Quilt
This Stash Bee quilt is just waiting to be quilted and snuggled with on the couch.

5. I'm participating in the IG Mini Quilt Swap hosted by Curly Boy and the deadline is looming!
I figured out my palette and pattern and have been experimenting with my block idea. Just need to shrink it down and get it done.

6. Field of Iris quilt
I have been toying with patterns for this bundle for a very long time! I'd love to get this one finished this quarter. I'm thinking of this by Quilt Dad or a big plus pattern. I also love this one.

7. Catvent Knitting Bag
This will be a scrappy Christmas gift for a special friend.

8. Noodlehead Divided basket

I'm tired of listing this one, but I won't be defeated! Also, must stop using the interfacing for other projects and get it done!

wish me luck?


  1. Lots of great projects - looking forward to seeing them finished especially whichever quilt you decide to make with that stunning bundle of purples, I'm seriously in love with those!

  2. Um, wow! Lol. I admire everyone's sense of optimism at list time ;o)


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