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Monday, October 13, 2014

3rd Quarter FAL results

Hi friends!

I tried to make a more manageable to-do list in Q3 and I enjoyed a few more finishes as a result! I'm sooo tempted to go crazy in Q4..
1. Finish flying geese improv quilt

 Status: finished!

2. Make 2 more pillows for family room couch

 Status: finished!

3.  Finish Garden Party quilt

 Status: Bordered added,back finished and quilting started

4. Downstairs sofa cushions

 Status: not started

5. Apron

 Status: finished!

6. Noodlehead divided basket

 Status: scared to start

7. Supernova friendship quilt
 Status: All blocks finished, time to put it together!

Next up: Q4!

1 comment:

  1. All great finishes. I think the apron has got to be my favourite, although that could be something to do with the cutie pie modelling it!


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