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Monday, October 6, 2014

Wonky Pinwheels ~ a Stash Bee finish

Hi friends! I'm writing from sunny Switzerland in the beautiful Alps! I'm fresh from a weekend at the 6th biannual quilting retreat Patchwork in the Peaks. What a great time! I'll share more about that later ;).
I'm writing this post using the Blogsy app for iPad and it has eaten the whole thing twice - grr.

I'm participating in Stash Bee for the first time this year and July was my month to choose a block.
I chose a block called Wonky Pinwheels and provided some notes, but didn't realize until much later that I sewed it together wrong. Oops! It wouldn't have been so bad, but most of my bee mates dutifully followed my wrong lead and did the same thing lol. The first column goes at the far right, so I just moved that column over as bee blocks arrived - no biggie. The blocks finish at 16".
Just before last weekend, I had a chance to put my blocks together, and I'm excited about the top! I think I'll need a border or 2 to get it up to a good family room throw size and I'm contemplating quilting designs.
With the columns fixed, the blocks fit together the right way. My bee mates used green, navy, grey and gold shades on a grey or white background. I must confess: I'm not the biggest fan of scrappy, but this one is looking great.

Ciao for now - family is forcing me to hike- noooooooooo


  1. Lol, well at least they were all consistent! Looks great :o)

  2. What a fun block - I have been looking at this block thinking I need to make it. Love it with the light colored centers.

  3. Fabulous quilt top. I adore the fabric selection. It so so fresh!

  4. It's absolutely beautiful.Love yogur fabric ccombo!

  5. Glad it all turned out fine in the end. I really like your finished top and the colours make it look planned, not so much scrappy!

  6. Your bee quilt looks wonderful! I must confess that I followed your example and chose this block for our MQG bee as well! Thanks for the inspiration


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